When we are in an area, Angela and I like to visit other campsites.  We are going to share the pictures we make and the impression we have of the camp sites with you here.  If you would like us to visit a campsite and we are in the area, please let us know, and we will make sure we go by. (Note: All information, including rates, is to the best of our knowledge at the time we visited the campground.)















  • Big Red Barn RV Park, Carthage (we stayed here)
  • Bull Winkles Rustic Lodge’s RV Park Poplar Bluff (we stayed here – sorry that we did)
  • Candy Cane RV Park, Steelville (we stayed here)
  • Ozark Mountain Springs RV Park, Mountain View (we stayed here)











  • Lakeridge RV Park, Gun Barrel City (we stayed here)
  • RV Park USA, Comfort (we stayed here)
  • Shady Pines RV Park, Texarkana (we stayed here)




9 thoughts on “CampSights

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about the above camp sites. It’s nice to see some camping areas in the South featured for a change! So many are in the Northern states or West. Keep up the good work. We live in the Huntsville, AL area, familiar with the Mountain Lakes RV resort in the Guntersville, AL area, we’re about 45 minutes from Guntersville, have tent camped (several+ years ago) at Guntersville State Park…’s nice, however a tornado came thru that area several years ago and took down allot of their shade trees. I’m thinking Mountain Lakes RV Resort is on further around from Guntersville State Park. We purchased an Outback TT in 2013 and have only used it 4 times! Love it compared to tent camping. Many moons ago, LOL, we had a 17′ Nomad TT!. Looking forward to making many memories to cherish. There is also an RV Resort at Smith Lake, near Cullman, AL off I-65. We were in the area for a fishing tournament, haven’t camped there, however, it looks nice! I believe it’s Smith Lake RV Resort. There is another one in the Cullman area that is by membership only as well, in looking at their web site, it is SUPER nice!

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  2. Thank you for your nice comment. When Angela and I select a campsite, we like to read from folks that have been there. We thought it would be a good thing to pass along sites we visit. Angela’s Dad lives in Decatur, AL, so we will be up and down I-65 and will visit the locations you mentioned as we can. Thank you for reading, we appreciate everyone that reads our blog (especially those that take the time to comment).


  3. If y’all get down here to Campbellsville, Green River Lake State Park, is a great place to hang out. We’d love to have you visit! I’m loving the blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Aw! Thank you for your nice comments and for reading. We’d love to have a chance to visit that park and meet you. Green River State Park is in Kentucky, isn’t it? With Jim on this contract until next summer, I’m not sure when we will truly be “on the roam” again, but who knows….we might have some vacation time when we decide to roam with our RV.


    • Dang! Now everything makes sense. I knew that I should know who this was, but the profile picture was too small to really tell, and when I tried to go to your blog site, I wasn’t allowed. Today, Jim sent a link to your blog, and it worked. The light bulb turned on (picture it over my head)! BTW, I love your tractor on the farm picture; it reminds me of me doing just that on the farm where I was raised. Hope all is well!

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