We are Jim and Angela Johnson and are into our 7th year of this adventure.

We began this journey in November 2014; both Angela and I were in the first half of our 50s. In 2021, we’re crossing into our next decade – the 60s. I don’t want to give you my resume, but I am a consultant who puts computer systems in hospitals (I deal mainly with Meditech software financials), and Angela taught high school English.  She has a Master’s in Education (M.A.Ed.), and I have a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).  We met in the spring of 2005 and married in the summer 2006.  At the time, she had three children, and I had three children (two married) and 1 grandchild.  Now, we have added to that two daughters-in-law and a son-in-law and ten more grandchildren (total of 11); however, in 2021, grand number 12 will be born.  All of our kids have their own lives.  That leaves us as empty-nesters desiring the ability to be mobile for two main reasons: to travel, something we both love doing, and to visit family without having to schedule a plane trip.  As we began, our main family units were in Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, and Mississippi. The same is true now except the son and daughter-in-law who were in Georgia are now in Tennessee; the son and daughter-in-law who were in Missouri are also in Tennesse, and the daughter and son-in-law who were in Virginia are now in Okinawa, Japan, until the end of 2022. (We made a trip in January 2018 to visit the “kids” in Japan.)

Angela and I normally move to my client site and stay until the project is complete, and we travel when we have time off or are between clients. (As time has passed, we’ve learned that sometimes family needs require that we stay within a general area near family. In these instances, Jim flies to the client site.) So far, this plan has worked well, but more and more, preference is for jobs that are mostly, or completely, remote jobs. Of course, I always say that if you want to hear God laugh the loudest, tell him what YOU plan to do.  One thing Angela and I know for sure is that we will be together. In the past, I flew out on Sunday and, pretty much, only saw her on the weekends and vacations.  This lifestyle certainly allows us to spend most of our time together, and that is worth a great deal.

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      • This is such a cool way to live! Looks like you have a lot in common with my son. He is in computers also. He works in Mobile, Alabama and lives in Ocean Springs, MS. Right in your territory. He and his family do a lot of camping but not with an RV. He pulls a pop up (I think). Looking froward to hearing back from you.


      • Helena, I am so sorry to take so long to get back with you. Life has been happening big time the last few months. In fact, we’re trying to get a new post up right now that will explain it all. It has been an overall great experience for us. Life happens no matter who we are or where we are, so when things happen, we try our best to roll. I think we’re about to get re-grouped again, so I hope you’ll come back to our blog site again. 🙂 Angela


  1. I’m enjoying reading your travels. John (hubby) and I (Patti) recently bought our 1st TT Keystone Hideout 26RLS. We are planning a 3 week vacation in March. This will be our first real outing for any length of time. We have our 2 pups lab Jack and malshi Daniel. I’m afraid after reading your tale that we are being too aggressive with are time frames. Our plans are to head out of far North suburb of Chicago (5 miles S of WI border) to the Texas T Campground in Cornersville TN. Then to Pensacola for a week. Do you think that will be possible? Thanks for any advice.

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    • Patti and John, thanks for reading our blog.

      We read several blogs and watched quite a few vlogs before jumping into RVing with both feet. I hope you enjoy RVing as much as we have.

      Y’all are really in the cold North! BRR

      If we’re following you correctly, you plan to drive from NW Chicago area all the way to the Texas T in one day. Is this correct? What will that be – about 550 miles or so?

      We’ve learned that traveling about 250 miles per day is all we really care to do; the max we’ve ever gone in one day was just under 400 miles (Texas T to Robertsdale, AL). For safety, you should plan to drive 55 – 60 on Interstates (freeways). You may run into road construction or get caught in bad weather even in March, so you have to take all of that into consideration and determine what works for you. We prefer not to drive when dark or raining heavily if it can be avoided. Our rule of thumb is to add about 25% to whatever time frame normally shown in Mapquest for our route and then add on stop times for gas, potty, food, etc.

      Your trip from Texas T to Pensacola will be very close to what we drove, in the rain, two years ago. That was our longest one-day drive ever; it is certainly doable. Good weather will make it easier. If it were us, we’d break up the trip from Chicago to Texas T. If you don’t want to get a site in a campground, check out Harvest Hosts (see link on our home page) or consider if you feel comfortable with an overnight stop in a Walmart.

      There is no right or wrong way to travel as long as you do what you feel comfortable doing and stay safe. The main thing is have fun and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. By the way, there is an awesome beach dog park in Pensacola. Jack and Daniel may like it. Chewie sure did. He says, “Any day you can poop on the beach is a good day.”

      Keep up with us. There is a very good chance we could be in the same general area in March if Jim doesn’t have to run off to another contract somewhere. If so, let us know. Happy and safe travels!


  2. We thought of you both, on your travels and wish you safety and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic ..,,please be safe and well, we hope to see you again soon.
    We were honored to have you list as one of your stops, Sunrise Coffee Shop has expanded considerably to include The Wine Cellar Tasting Room. Legacy I Fine Arts, Books and Gifts at 227 sw Range Ave and LoST Relics-Fine Antiques 233 sw Range Ave Madison Florida. Please come and visit again soon .

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