Texas Wrap Up – For Now

January 23, 2020 (by Angela)

There’s an old saying that whatever one does on New Year’s Day is what one will do all year long. In our case, I hope that’s true because we were traveling on New Year’s Day. Jim, Leroy, and I loaded up and moved out of the campground we had called home during December. We needed to find a place to stay for three nights because we hadn’t been able to get a site reservation at our next planned stop until the 4th of January. I thought we had a place in Hondo, Texas, but when we arrived, it was obvious there wasn’t a spot into which we would fit. One other nearby campground was full, and the other didn’t have anyone answering the phone. With permission, we happily spent the night in the local Walmart parking lot.

The next morning, we were able to reach Lone Star Corral Escapees park, and they had openings. In a short time, we were set up in a very fun RV park. Since Jim had not backed into a site in six months, I was a bit nervous. There was no need to be. He put it right where it needed to be on the first try. If I’d not known better, I would have thought he’d been backing in weekly for the past six months. (Good job, Jim!) Though we only stayed two nights, we had a great stay. Friday night, we played bingo. It was $3 per set of cards, so one set each meant $6. Lucky Jimmy won two of the games, taking in a big total of $14. Hey, after the $6 for cards and a buck fifty for drinks, we were $6.50 ahead. 🙂 I’ll take that!

The next morning, we moved to our two-week Home on the Roam at Medina Lake RV Campground. While parts of the campground need some maintenance, it was a really an enjoyable stay. Our site was spacious and shady. Deer roamed freely in the campground, and Leroy wanted to play with the “deer-dogs; he eventually got his wish. On our last full day, Leroy slipped out of his harness, and while we tried to get him to come to us, he spent about an hour running with the deer (after them, with them, deer chasing him – we got all kinds of reports from other campers). Now he has the nickname Runs with Deer. That’s the short story of his adventure.

The best part of our stay at Medina Lake for me was the quiet. I don’t know how long it has been since we’ve slept all night without hearing highway traffic, trains, or even planes. I loved it, and we hope to stop there briefly on our way back east. Maybe this next time we’ll camp down at the lake.

Our site Medina Lake RV Campground

Jim and I both took care of business as needed, but he and I did get to visit some shops and a museum in Bandera, and we took a recommendation of a friend and ate at the Old Spanish Trail restaurant in town. That was a good recommendation! Driving around in the area was entertainment to us as we saw things we don’t always see. One weekend, we did some geocaching – something we’ve not done in years. There were a couple of trips back into San Antonio, about 30 miles east of Medina Lake. The biggest thing we did there was take advantage of some free birthday food and treats for me. I appreciate corporate America helping me celebrate.

This past Saturday, it was time to leave Medina Lake and finish our trek across Texas. We have other things we want to see and do in New Mexico and Arizona before heading back toward home. In Fort Stockton, we stopped for three nights. Though Jim had work to do, it was a really cool town to visit. On Sunday, we drove to Fort Davis National Historic Site. That was a fun trip; the drive alone was worth it. Amazingly, Leroy could do almost everything we did there; he only had to be on leash and stay out of the buildings.

Certainly, Texas left us wanting more. The state put on a gorgeous display of its beauty and majesty as we drove the last 150 or so miles from Van Horn, where we last camped in the state, to New Mexico. I could easily have found a spot to stay for a few days to explore the mountains, but we’d already spent almost eight weeks in Texas.

Leaving Texas enjoying the West TX Mtns

There are other places to see and things to do before it’s home to Tennessee in early spring, so check in on us again later.

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