Leroy at home

October 15, 2019 (by Jimmy) – While in Europe, Angela and I could not believe how many times dogs popped up to give us the idea that it is time to move on from Chewie and get another dog. In Ireland, we stayed in a castle and there were a couple of wolfhounds there that loved pets. In England, it seemed everyone walked their dogs, and all the businesses had bowls of water outside for any puppy that came by. When we went to the Blairgowrie Highland games in Scotland, the first thing we came to when we got there was a dog show. Dogs were everywhere. We knew that at some time we would know it was time to move on, and it seemed like God, or fate, or destiny was telling us it’s time.

When we came back from Europe, we spent a week working to get family issues dealt with in Tennessee then moved to our first Camp Host gig at Shawnee Forest Campground in Vienna (vy-anna), Illinois. I have one son a quarter mile down the road. My Mom, other son, and daughter are 30 minutes south. Four of our 11 grands are near here. We plan to be here until Thanksgiving, and then we are moving south for the winter.

Leroy cuddling up with Aiden (grand).

While here a truck pulled into the campground. A lady, Lisa Thompson, got out and talked to me about a dog named Molly. It seems Molly had gotten away from her owner and was thought to be in the area. She wanted permission to look for the dog. She said she worked for a dog rescue in Cobden. We talked about the dogs she had at the rescue. Lisa had a couple of dogs that she thought would be interesting for me to look at. The first was a Labrador/Basset Mix. The poor thing looked like Chewie with short legs. She was cute, but we were not looking for a low rider to get up and down the stairs of the RV. The other was a pure-bred English Foxhound named Leroy. Lisa said he was about 10 months old and very skiddish. Loud bangs like guns and thunder scare him. She then went to look for Molly.

Leroy’s first trail walk

After talking to Lisa, I kept thinking about Leroy. He’s on the larger side of a medium sized dog, still a puppy but house and crate trained – maybe we ought to see him. Angela and I called Lisa and said we wanted to see Leroy. Lisa said she lived between Vienna and Anna and was fostering him at the time. We went to her house and met Leroy. Leroy is a beautiful puppy and came past Angela and right to me (this is not unusual; Angela has seen it several times before).

Got to keep mom on a short leash

We spent some time with him and had a few walks. I talked with Leroy about what he thought. He said he was 25 lbs. when they found him, and he’s now up to 45 but would feel better at 55. He thought travelling in an RV sounded like an adventure, but he wasn’t sure about meeting a bunch of other dogs on the road. He said Angela was really nice, and he could train me. Leroy said we should give it a go. So, with Leroy’s approval of us, we adopted him.

Leroy walking dad at Fern Cliff

Welcome to the family, Leroy!

Leroy Johnson

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