Update, Update, Update

Aug 20, 2019 (by Jimmy) – Jiminy Christmas! I can’t believe how long it’s been since we last wrote. The other strange thing is that the last blog was when I went to the hospital. Let’s clear that up first. I’m not dead. I’m on a low sodium diet, but I’m not dead. Okay, now that’s understood, let me update you on what has been going on since we last posted.

June – June was the last month of my project in Lawrence, MA. I would say I was extremely busy and couldn’t write, but I hardly wrote the entire time I was on that project. Anyway, after I got out of the hospital in North Carolina, we finished the month of May and then moved near Richmond, Virginia. I got better, but my work schedule didn’t. We were able to go to the Petersburg Battlefield one weekend, but that was the extent of our outings. Petersburg is where the Union cut off the supply lines to the Confederacy in Richmond that culminated in the end of the Civil War. Other than that, Angela worked on family stuff, and I worked. Angela was even so busy she stopped working on her genealogy stuff. When I finished the project at the end of June, Angela and I headed back to Tennessee to have our doctor’s check-ups and to have maintenance work done on the RV and vehicles.

Petersburg Battlefield Visitor’s Center
Fighting for the North and their freedom 
Jimmy absorbing the history at Petersburg, VA

Just as we got onto Interstate 20 heading out of Florence, South Carolina, we had a blow-out. This was the first blow out we have had in the five years we’ve been on the road. But like we always say, “When you live in an RV, it’s not if it will happen, but when it will happen.” Since we had AAA, we were able to have the tire changed and put our spare on the ground for the first time. That was okay, but since we’d never put air in the spare, the spare only had 28 pounds of pressure in it. On one side of the RV, we had one tire at 80 pounds of pressure and one at 28 as we limped to the next exit. It took us more time to find a place to air up the tire than it did to have AAA come out and change the tire, but we finally got it fixed and were on the road again.

I don’t think we’ll be using this one again
Damage from Blow-Out

July – We got to Tennessee as July began and took the RV to the shop at Shelby’s in Savannah where we always have our maintenance completed. Since I had just come off a long project, Angela and I had planned a trip to Idaho and Montana. The Shelbys allowed us to leave the RV at the shop while they did the maintenance and ordered the parts to fix the damage from the blow-out. We were to pick-up the RV when we got back from Montana. Angela and I flew to Spokane, Washington and drove to Sandpoint, Idaho where we stayed in an Airbnb cabin on a horse farm. Relaxing was the rule of the three days we were in Idaho. I think I slept most of those days. Angela said she could see the stress leaving me each day we were there. We then drove over to Kila, Montana (just outside Kalispell). There we stayed in a cabin on a cattle ranch and visited Glacier National Park. The week we were in the Northwest was very relaxing, just what the doctor ordered, literally.

Inside our cabin at Sand Point, Idaho
We probably hiked a couple of miles to get to this river, well worth the trip.
Our Cabin in Kila, Montana
Angela at the entrance to Glacier National Park
Angela at the entrance of Glacier National Park
Lunch at Glacier National Park
Up the hill from where we ate lunch
Jimmy at Glacier National Park

When she and I got back from Montana, we picked up the RV, but were told that the other three tires were as bad as the one that blew-out, and we needed to get four new tires before we drove much farther. We had planned to move to Southern Illinois that day to visit family, and had planned to get new tires up there. Instead, we had to make a detour to Florence, Alabama to have the tires changed on the RV before then. We still made Southern Illinois that night, but it was later than we had hoped. Angela and I spent four days at Fort Massac then moved to Shawnee Forest Campground near Vienna, Illinois. We were talking to the owners while we were there and told them that we had been full timing for about five years. They told us that if we were interested, they would love to have us come and be camp hosts for them. Angela and I told them we would consider it. Well, more discussion ensued, and she and I are going to camp host for them from the end of September through Thanksgiving, before moving south for the winter. The nice thing about the campground is it’s about a quarter of mile from our son John’s house (two grands) and half an hour from our daughter Clarissa, my son Jim (two grands), and my mom. When we are not watching the office, we can visit family.

August – After spending about a week in Illinois we moved to south central Tennessee. Our son Nathaniel is going to move into Angela’s mom’s house, and we are working with them to make it livable for him, Rachel, Hershel, and Marshall. Angela, her brother David, Nathaniel, and Rachel have been putting in a lot of time to fix up the house. I have been doing what I can, but I have been working to complete a course toward my Master’s in History degree. I finished the course last week and have been able to work on the house this weekend. I don’t start my next course until mid-October.

Rachel Painting
David, Nathaniel, and Jimmy Hanging Sheet Rock.

I think that brings us back up to current. I’ll try to have another post by the end of the week, but if you don’t see anything on here before Friday, we will be heading to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales for a few weeks and will post when we get back. Sometimes life lets you post every day, sometimes weekly, and sometimes you don’t get to post for a few months. It’s rare that we don’t post at least weekly, so I do apologize for the delay, but with all the life things that happened since the last post, I do hope y’all understand.

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