Procrastination and Other Excuses for Not Blogging

May 20, 2019 (by Angela)

Jim and I had some great excursions before we left South Carolina (SC). I kept putting off writing about it, though, in great part because some of the things to share were really Jim’s to share. They were in his “wheel house.” Unfortunately, he’s not had any time for writing posts in a long time. Work, plus work travel, and school work and family . . . . there’s not enough hours sometimes.

The last part of April and early May were pretty busy for both of us. While Jim continued his weekly treks to the frozen tundra for work, I flew back to Tennessee (TN) twice while in SC to check on family and help my brother with the unending process of dealing with Mom’s house. My last trip was our final week in SC. The morning after I arrived in TN, I received a call from the campground owner. I’d left our AC set to come on if it got close to 80 degrees inside since a warm week was expected. Apparently, it got warm, the AC attempted to run, and something broke. Folks talking near our RV said they heard the pop and saw freon spewing all over the top of the camper. Now, not only did I have the work planned for the trip home, I also needed to get the AC repaired. It was only with the assistance of Lisa Butler, Iron City Campground owner, and Appalachian RV Service that it was made possible. They were both awesome, and I highly recommend each of them.

I returned home mid-afternoon the following Thursday, and Jim arrived back that evening. We had one day to get things ready for our move to Mebane, North Carolina (NC). There was no thoughts of writing posts because not only did we need to be ready to move Saturday morning, but we also had to be prepare for Jim to pack to be away for three weeks. Laundry had to be done, meds refilled, etc. We were busy!

Once we got going, moving to our next campground was relatively easy. It was the get going part and the getting into our new site part that was hard, but we made it. I actually love the site we’re in now because when I look out our windows, I feel like I’m in the woods. That said, it was one of the harder sites to back into in our 5 years of doing this. Was there time to blog now? No! We were tired. We needed dinner. We needed to get Jim packed for this three-straight-week work trip.

You may wonder why Jim was going to be away for so long. The reason was that the culmination of his last year of work was to occur on May 1st. The team and the hospital had their “Go Live” on the project. Everything from the old system moved to the new. The entire consultant team had to be there round the clock to make sure that any issues that might arise could be addressed immediately. Usually, two weeks is what is normal, but this time they wanted three.

After Jim headed to the airport on Sunday, April 28th, I began doing the things I needed to do to settle in and prepare for another trip home, too. Since I knew Jim would be gone for a long while, I had consulted with family in TN and northern AL to ascertain if I could find a window of a few days where I could visit – only visit, with no work – all of the family there. It turned out that the best chance for that to happen was the very next weekend after our move to NC, so I was also preparing to travel again.

In four days, I was able to enjoy spending time with Nathaniel and his family, my brother, my mother, Matt and his family (I even got to watch Presley play ball), and my Dad and bonus Mom Nancy. It was wonderful! I thought my flight back would never leave Nashville; there were 5 delays, and it was very late when I got home.

Once back to the RV, I began exploring the area. In particular, I was looking for farmer’s markets, you-pick strawberry farms, and dead relatives (working on genealogy). I was happily engaged in these things for about a week. Then, I came home from a digging expedition in the Hillsborough, NC, library genealogy section only to find that our water heater had died. That was last week, and even as I write this, we’re still waiting on the replacement to come in and be installed. At least the service man was able to by-pass the water heater, so we do have running water.

Jim arrived home middle of the night Thursday (delayed flights). We had a very nice weekend together. It was good to have him back. I’d been feeling guilty about not wrapping up the stay in SC, which by extension had me procrastinating about writing about our time in NC. This weekend Jim commented on the fact that I’d not blogged, so I promised him I’d get a couple of posts done before this week was out. My intent today was to tell you about all the fun we had and cool things we saw in our last couple of weeks in SC, but that’s not what came out. I guess I needed to explain why there have been no posts in a month or so. Now you know. Hopefully, the blog muse will come to me this week.

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