Greenville’s Great!

April 2, 2019 (by Angela)

Jim and I enjoyed a weekend date in Greenville, South Carolina, this past weekend, and it was great! The weather cooperated, and our plans more or less went off without any real issues.

When Jim could get away from the computer on Friday, we put our bags in the car and drove west. He took his last conference call of the day in the car while I drove. Traffic was rough due to road construction and about a half a dozen wrecks along I-85, so it was really good that we left before his 3 p.m. call instead of after. Because we left early, he and I had time to check into our hotel for the night before heading downtown.

First on the agenda was dinner at Roost, a farm to table restaurant located along Main Street within walking distance of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena and the nearby city parking garage we were using for the evening. Jim and I were pleasantly surprised to find live music being played outside. No tables were open outside, so we were seated inside. The food was really good, the service great, and food came out quicker than expected. It was a big thumbs up for us.

We didn’t have to rush to walk the half of a mile or so to the arena, which was the venue for the rest of our evening activities: the Swamp Rabbits hockey game. The game was very entertaining, and we had great seats. Even though Jim and I enjoyed everything we did over the course of the weekend, we agreed that the hockey game was our favorite thing.

After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast in one of the nicer Holiday Inn Express hotels in which we have stayed, it was time to explore downtown Greenville more. The City of Greenville is truly awesome in that it makes available a trolley system known as the Greenville Link that gives everyone free rides around the downtown area. The routes are even extended to a larger area during seasonal times. We parked in a lot near a stop, and when our feet were tired, we’d hop on the trolley and get a rest while enjoying the view and going wherever we might want to get off next. Travel Tip: Download the Trolley Tracker App; it was very helpful.

Greenville is pretty, versatile, and walker, biker, and dog-friendly. Jim and I popped into several stores. One of Jim’s favorites was the General Merchandise store that had a whole section the size of a small shop filled only with candy. I literally had a “kid” (big kid) in a candy store. 🙂 I loved stopping in Pelindaba Lavender, which sales anything and everything with lavender that is raised on a family farm in Washington state. Jim needed a haircut, as you can tell from the photos, so he popped into a local barber shop and got one after lunch. Lunch was at Tupelo Honey. It was a long wait, but the food was really tasty. Jim said it was worth the wait because he had the best spicy chicken sandwich he’s ever had.

For me, the highlight of downtown Greenville was the way in which the city highlights the natural beauty of the Reedy River that runs through the city. If you read our post discussing our hikes to some of the area waterfalls, you saw that we visited Twin Falls. Twin Falls is also along the Reedy River upstream. Inside the city, falls along the Reedy River continue in what is appropriately named Falls River Park on the Reedy. Pedestrians can cross the river below the falls on a unique, curved suspension bridge. Multiple places on varying levels on both sides of the falls offer people a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the river and the park. I think this park is a must see when visiting Greenville, South Carolina.

When Jim and I were tired, we rode the trolley back to the parking lot, hopped into the car, and pointed it east back toward the campground. If you find yourself in or near Greenville, South Carolina, try to find time to explore the city. Jim and I think you will be glad if you do.

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