Blacksburg, South Carolina – A New Place and New Experiences

March 17, 2019 (by Angela) – Photo update April 17, 2019

Jim asked me to find us a home on the roam spot close enough to Charlotte, North Carolina, for him to fly out of Charlotte International Airport. When it was all said and done, I was lucky enough to locate a new diamond in the making: Iron City Campground. The campground has a Blacksburg, SC address, but it is more or less between Blacksburg and Gaffney, SC. It wasn’t until we actually arrived two weeks ago that I realized how new the campground is. The owners, Lisa and Rick, built the campground from scratch in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in South Carolina, and they continue to build and make improvements. The campground is only a few miles from the South Carolina (SC) and North Carolina (NC) state line. It is easy to and from I-85 but far enough away that you don’t see or hear the traffic on the Interstate.

The owners are friendly and helpful. What they have done so far with the campground is really wonderful, and I am certain that if we are able to visit again a year from now, the place will be absolutely amazing once the couple is done with what they plan. The sites are great full-hookup (FHU) sites that also include cable. WiFi is only available at the office/pool area, but Jim and I get decent AT&T and Verizon signals here. Propane is available to purchase in the campground, and there is a large, fenced dog run. I wish it were warm enough to get into their brand-new pool, which is located next to the office building. In back of the office are the bathrooms and showers. There isn’t a laundry in the campground, but in Gaffney, which is about 6 miles away, there is a nice 24/7 laundromat next to a Super Walmart. Folks, if you are coming to this area or passing along I-85, check this place out.

Jim is inching ever so close to “go live” for his work project, so he works quite a bit even on weekends. Rain dampened the weekend of our arrival and last weekend, too. This past Thursday night, Jim returned from the frozen tundra, and I returned on Friday from visiting family and working on family projects in Tennessee this past week. Though it was a busy week and my brother David and I worked hard, we still found time to visit all of our family in the area.

Jim and I finally took time to begin exploring our current home area on Saturday. Because another cool thing about this location is that you’re only a few miles from both the NC and SC welcome centers, information on things to do and see is easy to find. Limited on time this weekend, we decided to take in a history spot. The campground is located between two key Revolutionary War Battleground Parks: Kings Mountain and Cowpens (originally the name was two words: cow pens). Since Cowpens is near Gaffney, closer to the campground, and a smaller park, he and I visited it yesterday. We really enjoyed our two-hour visit. Since our time was limited due to work needing to be done and because my knee must still be babied from where I pulled something while enjoying walks on the beach last month, we couldn’t do all we’d have liked. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to visit this park again before we leave the area in late April.

Stay turned for more fun seeking while in our current home on the roam. If the weather cooperates, we have big plans for next weekend.

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