A Happy Place

February 10, 2019 (by Angela)

We’ve found a happy place. It’s a happy place currently free of threats of hurricanes, and mosquitoes are very few and far between. In this white-sand wonderland, most of our days have been filled with sunshine, sand, surf, and warm temperatures, I’ve found a balance and peace that I’ve been missing. Although Jim has had less time to enjoy Myrtle Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he says it’s a happy place for him, too. The only sadness is that we know how much our beloved Chewie would have loved “living” on the beach and taking daily strolls on a beach where not only are dogs allowed (except during peak season) but also his friends, the “horse-dogs” (Chewie thought horses were just big dogs).

We arrived here 8 days ago, and we’ve had a blast. Almost each time, our walks take us along the beach to the fishing pier and then out as far as one is allowed currently on that pier. When just me, I’ll sit and watch the water, the wildlife, and the people whether they’re sitting on the beach, riding horses, or walking their dogs. I’ll chat with a nearby fisherman or someone else who’s doing something similar to me. It has been warm, relaxing, and yet invigorating.

When Jim’s been home, we’ve also explored some of the fun activities and amazingly good restaurants. We had a late birthday dinner for Jim at Red Robin, and he discovered their bottomless root beer float. Yumm! Afterwards, we got a few laughs and had some cake at the Carolina Comedy Club. The next night, we visited a highly rated seafood restaurant, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen. Even I enjoyed the seafood. Last but not least, we enjoyed brunch this morning at Woodhaven’s Pancake House. The food is really good, but be warned. The food servings are enough for two people. Jim and I shared the food pictured below and still had leftovers.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of our month here in my new happy place will bring.

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