Out with the Old; in with the New

January 7, 2019 (by Angela)

The end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 was happy and fun.Working remotely the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day, without Jim traveling, he and I had some time for fun. Though he worked quite a bit, most of the weekends and holidays were ours

On Saturday, the 22nd, Jim and I visited Pensacola’s Palafox Market. Following our perusal of this huge and eclectic downtown market, which we recommend, he and I began what ended up being a two-day Puzzling Adventure tour of the city. After several hours in the afternoon, covering well over 2 miles, Jim and I were only half way through the items in the app. Luckily, we were able to stop and pick up where we left off later.

Sunday was beach day! It was gorgeous with temps in the 70s and full sunshine. Jim and I sat outside at a beach restaurant drinking mimosas and eating a fruit bowl while we watched the waves, birds, and folks out on the beach. Later, we drove along the beach, stopping now and then to walk on the beach ourselves. When we reached the off-leash dog beach, we took Chewie (his ashes) out onto the beach with us. Our boy loved the beach, so part of his ashes were put on the beach, and we watched the waves take his ashes out into the Gulf of Mexico. Now Chewie can explore tons of beaches. The wrap-up to our beach-day adventure was a wonderful meal at Peg Leg Pete’s. It’s our understanding that from time to time this statue of Peg Leg ends up out on the beach. I guess an old pirate needs sand, salt, and sea, even if he’s wooden. 🙂

Christmas Eve, while Jim worked and I prepared food for the next day, we snacked on cookies I’d made and drank hot chocolate. Christmas Day, following our meal at home, he and I went to see the new Mary Poppins movie, Mary Poppins Returns. Both of us enjoyed it very much; it was light-hearted and fun. The Sunday after Christmas, he and I returned to downtown Pensacola and finished our Puzzling Adventure despite the light rain that was falling. We logged another 2 ¼ miles and had a blast!

Jim put in a lot of late nights, so he could take time off the afternoon of the 31st and the afternoon of January 4th. On the 31st, after lunch on New Year’s Eve, we drove to Dothan, Alabama. Of course, Jim worked in the hotel part of that afternoon, but he stopped early enough for us to go see Mary, Queen of Scots at the theater. We both liked this movie, too, and we found it very thought-provoking. The movie was followed by a late supper before going to downtown Dothan for the main event:  The Peanut Drop. I must say that this was one of the more enjoyable “drops” we’ve attended. The rain stopped about 45 minutes before midnight, and it was warm – as in many folks were in shorts warm – rather that teeth-chattering cold as is more often the case on New Year’s Eve. There were enough people attending the event to make it festive, but we were not shoulder-to-shoulder and unable to move. The event gets a big “thumbs up” from me.

After returning to the camper the afternoon of New Year’s Day, the rest of the week involved Jim working from home and me working in and around the RV – at least until Friday. Friday was my birthday, and Jim took the afternoon off (he’d worked all morning of New Year’s Day at the hotel). I’d asked to go to Mobile for my birthday, and that is what we did. He wrapped up his last conference call as I drove toward Mobile. He and I had lunch at Spot of Tea, and then we engaged in another competitive adventure while learning more about Mobile.

Operation City Quest is quite unlike any other app-driven exploration of a city we’ve used. In some ways, it was more engaging, but it had less of the historical and trivia aspects we both enjoy. We were blessed with some hands-on help from Mr. Max Morey, owner of the downtown Crescent Theater. Jim and I had watched a movie in the theater while attending the Moon Pie drop in Mobile New Year’s Eve 2014. I popped in there looking for the words “coming soon” on a sign. We couldn’t find that, so he got out his sign letters and made it for us. How cool was that?! We could’ve had all day to explore and boost our score, but we only gave ourselves about 3 – 3 1/2 hours. Even then, we managed to finish ranked #5 out of all of the teams to date who have attempted City Quest in Mobile. It was an exhilarating birthday afternoon! Thank you, honey.

After the year 2018 had been, I am very thankful we could not only end the year on a good note but also begin 2019 on a good note, also. I hope and pray that 2019 is a marvelous year for us and for everyone who reads this post.

Happy New Year, y’all!

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