Home to Tennessee Means Tons of Things to Do

July 14, 2018 (by Angela)

On the 4th of July, we all arrived back in Tennessee. The next day, Jim worked from the camper, and Chewie stayed cool with him. I drove three counties east to visit with and check on my mother, who moved into assisted living a few months back. After Jim wrapped up his week’s work, we had chores to do.

Jim and I had groceries, medicine, propane, dog food, etc. that needed to be purchased as well as other errands to run. I worked on completing some of these things on Friday, and Jim jumped in and did part on Saturday. Friday afternoon, he and I combined our efforts and focused on the bay area of the camper. This was a project that had been on our list of things to do for almost a year! Everything underneath the RV came out, and we cleaned the bay area the best we could. Jim and I sorted through what was stored there. Some things were tossed, and some things were set aside for the upcoming yard sale in our campground, Green Acres Resort RV Park. What remained was re-packed, re-organized, and stowed away in the bay. Amazingly, we had room to spare after doing this!


Empty space in the bay area

He and I were up Saturday morning preparing to wash the entire RV and put UV protection on the roof when one of the folks who works here told us of a relatively new business that they had used to come out and wash RVs and detail vehicles. Kelly, the employee, gave us the business card, and we called. He was booked for the day, but knowing that we needed all cleaned before Monday, he told us he’d come out Sunday. Jim was thrilled to be able to use the time he would have spent on cleaning the outside of the RV for other things. He still had work to do and assignments to complete for his online class.

Sunday, work was giving Jim its siren call. He packed and headed to the airport to make his way back to the client site. I chose to relax while waiting for the guys to arrive to clean the 5th Wheel. The two young men were extremely polite, very hard workers, and willing to do the extra UV protection roof project. They did an amazing job for a very reasonable price, so I do recommend Joe’s Mobile Washing and Detail to you if in Savannah or the surrounding areas in Tennessee.


Monday, Mr. Shelby and John, our RV maintenance and repair experts, arrived to complete as many of the things on our “to do” list as they could. The reason we needed a clean RV, especially the roof, was so these guys could do a thorough inspection for us as a part of our regular maintenance. What could not be done on Monday will be done when we take the rig to them this coming Friday, but that’s another story. While I waited for them, I knocked out one load of clothes. Once they left, I ran a few errands in town. Tuesday, I managed to finish the other two loads of laundry and run the rest of the errands in town (Wal-mart, Post Office, Kroger, etc.) and still get back to the cool of the camper by 11 a.m. Due to heat and humidity, inside the camper is where I stayed for most of the rest of the week until Jim got home, though I did get some inside cleaning done.

With Jim home again, our Friday (yesterday) involved a very long trip back to Illinois to get his permanent crown put on his tooth. A combination of Jim being sick one Friday and difficulty with matching our schedule and the dentist’s schedule led to this long trek to wrap up the dental care. Everything mentioned in this post, plus more, happened in the first 10 days of our return to Tennessee. As you’ll see in later posts, the rest of the month here in Savannah, Tennessee, is going to continue to be time needed to take care of ourselves, our pup, our home (RV), our vehicles, and our family.

The plan is to be in Tennessee during the rest of July, August, and September. Though our camping location and the main focus each month will vary, it will be much of the same. Hopefully, we’ll be able to work in some fun things, too. We have many of the same type things to do as we would in a location-specific home even though he and I live full-time in our 5th Wheel.

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