Wedding in Neosho – Happy for our Friends

July 2, 2018 (by Angela)

If you care to go back and look at our posts from May 2017, you’ll find pictures of us with Susan after our arrival near her home. If you had access to our Facebook posts from May of last year, at least once a week, and often more, you’d see pictures of Susan, Craig, and the two of us as we chronicled our exploits together. Here are a few of those pictures.

“My Bratty Brother from another Mother” is what Susan calls Jimmy Johnson. He and Susan first met while working together on the Corinth, Mississippi, project that began in early April 2015. He and she became such good friends over the next year or so that each thinks of the other as a sibling, and they insult, tease, and irritate each other in a good-natured way like siblings. I had the privilege of getting to know Susan because I would at times join the consultants on their weekly dinners and on their occasional group outings. Jim and I intentionally traveled to Missouri last May to have a chance to visit with Susan and get to know her then boyfriend, Craig. We all had a blast each time we got together over the course of 4 or 5 weeks.

Through Facebook, text messages, and phone, we all keep in touch. When we learned that Craig had proposed to Susan, Jim and I were thrilled that Susan said yes. Knowing the wedding plans were set for June of this year, Jim and I marked our calendars to be in Missouri in June. Jim will admit that one of the positives to his current project, about which he learned after learning of the June 2018 wedding, was that he would get to work with Susan and a few others from the Corinth team again.

Friday, June 29th, we loaded the car and headed to Joplin, Missouri. After getting Chewie settled in the La Quinta there, we then headed to Susan and Craig’s place outside Neosho for some pre-wedding shenanigans, food, and time to visit.

The next afternoon, we felt honored to be able to witness the marriage of two wonderful friends and celebrate along with them. Susan was gorgeous, and Craig was one of the calmest grooms I’ve ever seen. The clarity of their love for each other and the certainty of them belonging together is evident. They’re a great match!

There was a moment of levity during the ceremony. When the minister got to the part that goes something like “if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace, ” Susan turned, pointed her finger at Jimmy, and, while laughing, said, “Don’t you say a word!” Craig said he didn’t even need to see to whom she was pointing; he already knew. In this way, she made her “bratty brother” a part of her wedding ceremony.

Jim and I could not be any happier for our friends and wish them happily every after. Congratulations, Susan and Craig! ❤

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