Loving South Central Kentucky

April 28, 2018 (by Angela)

Jim, Chewie, and I moved to south central Kentucky the first weekend of April. If you have read I need to go back to work, so I can slow down, you know that our first week here was extremely busy. We did take time to make a quick stop at an Amish store not too far from our current campground.  It seems that Jim and I often find ourselves near Amish communities, and we love that.

During our second week “living” in Kentucky, Jim began working his new fly-every-week project, and I headed to Giles County, Tennessee, to continue getting Mom settled in her new assisted living home and to help my brother deal with issues long over due at Mom’s house. Neither of us had much time for anything else, and the weekend was windy and rainy.

Finally, this weekend, Jim and I have been able to have a little down time together, and the weather decided to get sunny and warm. While he wrapped up some work meetings, I enjoyed another scenic drive through what I call Kentucky’s “Midwest-like,” beautiful farm country as I made my way to see some family. It may sound silly, but my hour drive each way through this gorgeous farm land dotted with cattle, horses, and goats was a spiritual experience for me. I’m a farm girl at heart; I love nature, and I love animals. Look at these beautiful pictures, and it may inspire you to enjoy a drive through the Kentucky countryside, too.


When work was done and time remained, Jim, Chewie, and I drove the short trip north to visit Mammoth Cave National Park. He and I had been there together several years back. Growing up in neighboring Tennessee, I have actually been to the park several times, but like most National Parks, I can’t go too often. While we didn’t get to do another cave tour, we enjoyed our time there, getting a little walk in.

Jim Mammoth Cave

Jim and Chewie in front of NP sign

Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to go at least once more before moving to Illinois next weekend. Before we can even think about that, there are some pressing RV chores that must be done this week – things that either have been put off due to cold, rain, sickness, and work or are issues that have recently arisen.

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