I need to go back to work, so I can slow down.

April 14, 2018 (by Jimmy) – I finished my project in Morris, IL (just south of Chicago) last week and decided that I needed a week before I start my new project. During this week, I had some medical items and paper work to do for onboarding for the new project, auto and truck issues to address, and a few other things that needed to be done. Never did I ever think the week was going to be a non-stop fix fest. Here is a list of the things Angela and I did this week:

The List

  • Took TB and Varicella Titer test (30 min one way to test site)
  • Had phone issues dealt with at AT&T
  • Ordered tires for the truck
  • Washed 5 loads of laundry
  • Completed insurance audit for business
  • Haircut
  • Had 6-month medical exams (4 hour one way to Dr’s office)
  • Bought dog food so the stupid dog could stay alive
  • Filled propane tanks
  • Picked up our mail in Savannah, TN
  • Had TB test read and got paperwork for TB and Varicella tests
  • Had new tires put on truck
  • Bought a new Verizon phone for Angela
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Had car serviced
  • Had truck serviced
  • Changed out porch light
  • Reviewed finances for March
  • Removed truck mirror (I hit a turkey last week)
  • Picked up meat order (1-hour one-way drive to grass fed meat shop)
  • Completed paperwork for admissions to start a second master’s degree
  • Ordered transcripts to be sent to admissions
  • Ordered new truck mirror
  • Had odd and end discussions and e-mails with new client and consultants already on site
  • Completed first quarter self-employment taxes
  • Finished income taxes
  • Finished this blog post

Mirror after the turkey hit it

Chewie and I visiting Angela’s mom (Jean)

This doesn’t include visiting with Angela’s mom, going by to see a grand, or dinner with friends (tonight). It seems that we have been on the move since I came off the road. Most of the things that we did this week are just part of keeping up our home and taking care of personal business. Some things had been put off because I’ve had to travel so much of late. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Angela wanted to give me a taste of the important things she does while I go off to my “job”. Okay, honey, I didn’t need the lesson. Next week I start my new project. I’ll appreciate the relief!

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