Greetings from Wet Texas!

March 1, 2018 (by Angela)

No, that was not a typo. I meant “Wet” Texas. From the moment Jim and I crossed into East Texas on the 3rd of February, it has rained. I think we may have had at most 4 or 5 rain-free days since we arrived in Texas. I had to purchase a pair of knee-high rubber rain boots our first week in Gun Barrel City in East Texas, and I’ve worn them every single day since.

Jim and I came to Texas for warmth and sunshine. This year, that was not in the cards. Rain, wind, and cold followed by rain, wind, and a bit warmer temps followed by more rain and wind – that’s the way it has been for us. There have been very few days without rain and only one day that was mostly sunny during the entire month! Our first camp site turned out to be the wet-weather pond of the park. The new park managers, who started the same day we arrived, didn’t know they were parking us in a terrible spot. (You can read about this in Not an Idyllic First Week in Texas.) Flooding occurred on Tuesday, and by Friday, the water was down enough for us to move to another site, but we did so in the rain.

Even on this higher ground in the park, the rain has been so frequent and hard, we must walk daily in mud if we get out of the camper. I don’t know if our yard rug will be worth using after this month, but it has really saved us from truly being up to our ankles in mud. It, however, does not keep the unending amount of mud, wet grass, small rocks, etc. from sticking to our shoes, and the dog’s paws, and getting tracked inside multiple times a day. I can’t keep up, so I’ve given up until we have dry ground once again outside our 5th Wheel.

The combination of clouds, fog, and rain has been extremely depressing. We left the same type weather for warmth and sunshine, and the gloom and doom weather followed us. While I am thankful no tornadoes have come through here, Jim and I began to wonder during the wee hours this morning if one was about to hit us. He and I experienced some of the worst wind-movement of the RV we’ve ever had. Yet, neither our NOAA weather radio or our phones gave any warnings for the area. Let’s just say that March surely came in like a lion here in East “Wet” Texas.

Note: The pictures below with sunshine were made this morning; the sun came out for a full 20 minutes to tease us. (Click on photo, or hover cursor over picture, to see caption.)

I am so over rain and mud. This weekend, we’re moving a few hundred miles south and west, and then we’ve decided to head back east after next week. It can’t be any rainier or gloomier than the last month has been here in Texas. Texas, we’ll give you another try in a couple of years when we’re able to roam this way again. Here’s to hopes for sunnier, warmer, dryer days for us down the road.



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