Two Firsts and Two Rarities

February 4, 2018 (By Angela)

Jim, Chewie, and I made it to our stop in Texas today, and despite my being sick, it was a pretty decent trip. We had some new experiences and rare events on our three-day travel to the Lone Star state.

The day before we made our way out of Middle Tennessee, it was in the 50s with afternoon rain that continued late. Overnight, the wind and rain blew in from the north, and by morning, it was 18 degrees and ice was in and hanging from everything. Jim’s tool box lock was frozen; our bay doors were frozen, and worst of all, our rollers for the largest slide were frozen. It took 3 hours to get things ready to pull out rather than the hour or so expected. This is something we’ve never experienced to such a degree, and things being iced over when preparing to move is a very rare thing for us during our 3 1/2 years living this lifestyle. Being out in the biting and bitter cold Friday morning was draining, especially with the condition of my sick lungs. Finally, we were off, making a stop to visit with Dad and Nancy over lunch in Alabama.

I was so sleep deprived that I could not drive long at a time. Late afternoon, we stopped at a truck stop to sleep in the camper. We’d never done this before. After a 3-hour nap, Jim and I ate a late supper and started driving again. Driving after dark was the second rarity we experienced. I can only recall a very few times we have driven while dark, and only once by choice. About 11 p.m., he and I pulled into a Walmart parking lot. We shopped for some more meds and tissues for me and food for breakfast before asking permission to spend the rest of the night in the parking lot. Getting an affirmative answer, he and I hit the hay about midnight. This was our other first. Living and traveling full time in the RV, we had never spent a night in a Walmart parking lot. Believe it or not, it was fairly quiet, and I got the best night’s sleep in a week!

Saturday was more normal with the exception of making a few more stops than is common. We decided to stay in an RV Park Saturday. This was a good call since the last hour of driving was in rain, and the rain lasted pretty much all of last night. Jim, Chewie, and I were happy to be comfortably settled in a quiet, little park in Marshall, Texas.

He and I only had a couple of hours to drive to our home on the roam for the month  – a park in Gun Barrel City, Texas, so we slept in, went to IHOP for brunch, and finally got back on the road just before noon. It was so nice to drive with sunshine and temps in the mid to upper 60s. Our windows went down in our vehicles, and once set up in our campsite, we also opened the windows of the camper.

I am so looking forward to a month of relative warmth after the cold days and nights of Middle Tennessee! Poor Jim has to fly to Chicago tomorrow night where he’ll work for the week. He was told they are expecting a foot of snow. I’m so glad that I’m not going with him on this trip. Maybe by the time he returns Friday night, I’ll be over the crud I’ve had for 9 days so far.


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