Tomorrow – Finally

February 1, 2018 (by Angela)

Tomorrow is a big day, and it’s not just because it is Groundhog’s Day. It is also Jim’s birthday. How are we celebrating? If all goes as planned, we are hitching up the truck to the camper and heading south and west. We’re ready for some warmer weather and a bit of adventure.

Jim and I have been blessed that his work has paired well with the need to spend some time in our home state of Tennessee with a great bit of family stuff happening the last few months, but we didn’t think we’d still be here during the cold of January, so we want to get warm. Beyond that, he’s currently working a job that allows him to work remotely 3 of 4 weeks each month, so we want to explore more like we did this past summer. The next contract on his work horizon is to be a lengthy one and one that will not afford him much opportunity for remote work.

I’ve been sick since returning from our trip to Japan. As a result, the camper is not ready to move yet, but with a bit of luck, this afternoon and in the morning, we’ll get that rectified and on the road by 10 or 10:30.  Our fingers are crossed all goes well!

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