The Family Thing While Sitting Still (Holidays & Wedding)

January 4, 2018 (by Angela)

Jim and I have been very busy while sitting still in Columbia, Tennessee. Of course, he’s been working full-time, and I’ve stayed busy caring for my mom and visiting family as much as possible. I wrapped up (pun intended) Christmas, birthday, and shower/wedding gifts. Then the traveling from the RV to various family locations began.

Thanksgiving, Jim, Chewie, my brother David, our son Nathaniel, his wife Rachel, and their little boy Hershel all went to Mom’s. Lunch was compliments of Cracker Barrel plus a couple of additions from us. Mom really enjoyed the food and family time. So did we. (It was a fail on remembering to make pictures, though.) The rest of the family was too far away to share in the day this year. We did have an impromptu gathering at O’Charley’s after Thanksgiving with Dad, David, Aunt Martha, Nathaniel, Rachel, and Hershel. That was fun.

Christmas weekend was a critter unto itself since our youngest, Clarissa, got married on the 23rd. Jim and I went to Metropolis, Illinois, on Friday the 22nd, after he’d put away his work for the week. We arrived just after lunch and went straight to work. The location for the reception, which we expected to be almost completely decorated, was in total disarray. Jim and I rolled up our sleeves and joined with others in the wedding party to get it ready for the next afternoon. I thought in the end that it looked lovely. The ideas and gathering of most of the decorating material was done by the groom’s mother. Jim and I along with the bride’s maids, the other moms, and the bride and groom got it decorated. We worked both before and after the rehearsal. I could hardly move that night after done. 🙂

The next day, we were dressed and on time to the church by 11 for pictures, but they didn’t start until about 11:30. We had to scarf down a DQ burger from across the street before the service began at 1:30. Clarissa was a beautiful bride. It was a lovely service that Josh and Clarissa made uniquely theirs.

Knowing the wedding planner had fallen and had been injured the night before, Jim and I made a fast break for the reception location to get food and drink out and ready to welcome the guests. It was a full house for the reception. Strangely, more people came to the reception than to the service at the church. We were happy but exhausted.

The Johnson Christmas time was squeezed in between the end of the chili and hot dog rehearsal dinner provided by the groom’s parents and the continuation of decorating the reception area. Though a little more chaotic and speedy than usual, a good time was had by all. However, before we transitioned from rehearsal dinner to Johnson family Christmas gifts, Jim and I had the pleasure of presenting Clarissa and Josh with their honeymoon packet. They had asked us many months ago to plan their honeymoon for them and make it a surprise for the wedding. (The newlyweds arrived home today from their Utah destination honeymoon, and they seemed to have enjoyed it.)

On the 24th, late afternoon, he and I arrived back in Columbia after a very quick stop at our youngest son’s home in Clarksville, Tennessee. Christmas Day found us headed to Mom’s again, where my brother joined us for Mom’s requested BBQ Christmas lunch. Jim and I stopped by to see Dad that afternoon.

Though our holiday time this year was quite unlike most others, we were happy to share so many memories with our family.

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