Grands and Grandeur

November 24, 2017 (by Angela)

This last month has found Jim busy with work and me busy taking care of family, visiting with family, and trying to get the camper ready to endure the colder temperatures of winter that Middle Tennessee actually does have.

In addition to helping Mom with her needs, Jim and I have been able to spend time with some of our grands, visit with their parents, and attend our youngest daughter’s bridal shower. Jim (Papa Dude) and I got to play with Hershel while his parents went out one evening, and later that same week Hershel, with his Mom, brought Dyson the dog to stay with us in the RV for a few days while he went with his Mom, Rachel, to cheer her on as she ran a half marathon.

While “us girls” and Hershel went to the shower, Jim went bowling with son John and grands Dylan and Aiden. I found out after they returned that they had also “kidnapped” his Uncle Joe to go with them. In the photo below, I am at the far back; I’d been chasing Hershel, who is on the far left. His mom, Rachel, is kneeling in front. Of course, Clarissa, our youngest, is taking the selfie at her shower.


Selfie at the bridal shower

This week, Jim and I made the trip to East Tennessee where we visited with one set of grands and also took some time to explore the area.  It was a blast! Presley (7) and Alex (1) had birthdays in November. It was also the only chance we were going to have to see them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we made the most of it. All of us went to a 38,000 sq ft play area for all ages, SevierAir – if you can walk, you can play. Liam (8) and Presley both gave the rock wall a try. Presley was a natural; she got to the top all three times, going faster each time. She didn’t want to stop. All of the kids were worn out and hungry after 45 minutes. Mom (Casey) said they all slept hard.

While the kids were in school, and as we made our way home, Jim and I took time to enjoy some of the grandeur of the Tennessee mountains. We went to Smoky Mountains National Park, to Oak Ridge to learn about the Manhattan Project, and to the Obed Wild and Scenic River area to hike. (Click on photos, or hold cursor over them, to see captions.)

Jim and I wrapped up the week with a family dinner at my Mom’s house for as many in the family who could be there. Unfortunately, I was too busy dealing with food and dishes to make pictures, and Jim was too busy helping keep the little one out of trouble or chatting with other family members.

I’m not sure what other things we’ll be getting into between now and the 23rd of December, but that’s Clarissa’s wedding day, so hang on.

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