Prairie Oasis Campground and Cabins, Henderson, NE

Jun 2017

Entrance Sign

Prairie Oasis Campground and Cabins

913 Road B

Henderson, NE 68371

Phone: 402-723-5227



Rate Schedule

Lot: This is a medium sized park. The lots are gravel based and relatively level. All lots are pull through. The park has mature trees, a small pond, and is well maintained.

Lot Map

Amenities: Electric – 30 and 50 amp, Water – Yes, Sewer – Yes, TV – No, Internet – Yes (exceptional)

Other Conveniences: Showers, Bathrooms, Laundry, Fishing and Paddle boating, Sand Volleyball and Badminton, Horse Shoes, Recreation Hall (seats 50), Fire Rings

Other Inconveniences: No Fenced in Dog Walk Area, No Playground for kids

Positives: The management is very hospitable. The park is very pretty and well maintained and within sight of Interstate 80 and easy access. Nice quite park

Negatives: The park is quite a distance from the nearest town of any significance. York is about 15 miles away and Grand Island is about 30. Some of the lots are very tight. They are long but thin. We had no problem parking both the truck and car behind the RV, but we were extremely near our next-door neighbor.

The park is set to service one night stays of travelers along the interstate. They also have the facilities to accommodate groups and clubs. This is a very nice park, and we will stay here again when in the area.

Front Office

Level Gravel Based Lots

Shady and Surrounded by Corn Fields


Some Lots are Long and Thin

Mature Trees, Well Maintained

Lake Area

A Rainbow Showed Up the Day We Arrived

Our Set-Up Here

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