Scales Lake Park, Boonville, IN

April 2017

Entrance to the Park

Scales Lake Park

800 West Tennyson Rd.

Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6200



Rate Schedule

Lot: This is a large county park with a medium sized RV park in it. The lots are gravel based and relatively level. There are back-in and pull-through lots. There are wooden poles at each lot identifying the lot number. I’m surprised many of these haven’t been knocked down by folks trying to put their RV in the lot. We paid $69.00 for 3 nights.

Lot Map

Amenities: Electric – 30 and 50 amp, Water – Yes, Sewer – Yes, TV – No, Internet – No

Other Conveniences: Showers, Playground for kids, Petting Zoo, Water Slide, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Hiking & Biking Trails

Other Inconveniences: No Dog Walk Area, No Laundry

Positives: This is a County Park. Mature trees abound around a beautiful lake. Being in a park, it is relatively quiet. The park is adjacent to Boonville, IN. Even though you are in a park setting, you are very near eating, gas, and shopping venues. The rate is very reasonable.

Negatives: Difficult to get in and out of the sites if you had any size because of the permanently-placed site numbering poles.

This is a great place to stay for a weekend or a week.

Scales Lake


Water Slide and Beach House

Park Setting

Petting Zoo

Lot Numbering Poles, Gravel Based and Relatively Level

Our Set-Up

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