Bear Creek Ranch KOA, East Sparta, OH

April 2017

Front Office

Bear Creek Ranch KOA

3232 Downing St. SW

East Sparta, OH 44626

Phone: 330-484-3901



Being a KOA you have to go through their web site to get your rate, but this place is expensive. Angela and I stayed here a week and it cost us $365.40


This is a medium sized lot. There are pull through and back in lots. All lots are relatively level and gravel based, many are on the side of a hill.

Lot Map

Amenities: Electric – 30 and 50 amp, Water – Yes, Sewer – Yes, TV – Yes, Internet – Yes

Other Conveniences: Laundry, Showers, Fishing, Pool, Playground for kids, Fenced in Dog Walk, Mini Golf, Horseback Riding

Other Inconveniences: None

Positives: Nice quiet location. Their store at the front office was well stocked with a variety of items.

Negatives: About three miles from the interstate and five – ten miles from the nearest town of significance made it difficult to do any shopping. The dog walk was by a water treatment facility and was noisy. Way to expensive.

If you don’t mind the cost this would be a nice place to stay in the summer (after Memorial Day – when all the amenities are open).

Gravel Based, Relatively Level

Playground for kids

Some lots on a hill

Mini Golf

Our Set-Up


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