Fun & Free (or Nearly Free): First Casino Camping Experience

May 6, 2017 (by Angela)

Jim and I continued across the state of Missouri, so we could visit this weekend with a work associate turned friend turned self-proclaimed “sister by another mother.” Jim met Susan on the Corinth, Mississippi, project where they worked together for 15 or 16 months. They hit it off well, tossing insults back and forth like softballs, acting more like siblings than anything else. The love/hate sibling-like relationship continues to grow. Finding a spot for two nights close to her house was fairly easy, and it afforded us a chance to have our first opportunity camping at a casino – a much more positive experience than I ever dreamt (yes, dreamt is correct) possible.

Susan and Jim

Indigo Sky is the casino at which we are staying; it is located just inside Oklahoma and about 7 miles from Susan’s home in Neosho, Missouri. Located on top of a hill, flooding from the recent heavy rains was not a concern. Whispering Woods, the casino’s RV park, is located to the right of the casino. It has 37 fairly-level, paved, long RV parking sites with electric, water, and trash disposal. A dump station is near the exit. In addition, campers have access to restrooms with showers and FREE, yes, free laundry facilities. (The same card gives us FREE access to the beautiful swimming pool, but it’s a might chilly for that this weekend.) Folks on golf carts are available to flag down, or call to come to your site to pick you up, and take you to other locations on the property for FREE.

Casino view from our RV site

Part of the campground

Inside, the casino and hotel are beautifully designed. There are several restaurants from which to choose. Jim and I ate lunch yesterday in one of them, Shawanoe Restaurant and Bar. The prices were reasonable, the portion sizes were large (mine, actually huge), and non-alcoholic drinks are free with meals. I went back for breakfast this morning. With tax, my two biscuits with gravy, a scrambled egg, and coffee cost $3.13 before tip.  Yeah! That’s pretty awesome for a thrifty sort like me.

Jim in Shawanoe Restaurant

Last night for dinner, Susan took us to the Red Onion in nearby Joplin. Jim was thrilled to ride in her purple Challenger Hellcat! It’s 700+ horsepower, and Jim says Susan knows how to drive it. The food at the restaurant was good, the company was the best, and the price was amazing – Susan treated us! Thanks, Susan. 🙂 Since we balked about her buying dinner, she said we could buy her drinks at the casino, to which we returned. Jim had some work stuff to do (Oh, yeah, he hasn’t shared that yet, but he will soon enough), so she and I went over and got a couple of drinks (I started with ginger ale). Then I visited with her while she played some games. Susan is lucky at this gambling stuff more than not, so I wanted to see a semi-pro in action. Unfortunately, I must have been her unlucky charm.

Susan’s Hellcat

Susan and I went back to the stage area to hear the FREE live entertainment, and I texted Jim to get his butt over. Jim arrived just in time to order more drinks. We each got the Pineapple Upside Down Cake drink, which we learned Susan had taught the barkeeps at Indigo Sky how to make. The band, Aces Wild, was very good but loud, and we listened to the first hour of the evening.  By the way, for you who enjoy alcoholic beverages, the prices were decent. All drinks we had were $5 each, except my ginger ale; it was $1.

The band Aces Wild

Afterward, Susan encouraged us to use our casino cards, each loaded with $7 of FREE play. We walked around looking for $0.25 plays, and Jim went first. Dang! After a little bit, his machine was flashing colors and making noises. By the time he’d played his full FREE $7, he had a balance of $62; he cashed out and walked away. Then it was my turn. Susan said it was bad luck to play the same machine again, so we went to another one. It took much longer for flashing lights and dinging sounds on that machine, but I did come out ahead. My FREE $7 gave me another $6 to add to our stash. We cashed out $68 for the evening. Susan played again with us, and she got to cash out some $, too. After that, we called it a night (alcohol makes me sleepy), and Susan went back to win more money.

We all came out ahead.

These sites can be occupied for up to two weeks, so now I know if we need a fun, affordable place to hang out for a couple of weeks and are in the area, Whispering Woods at Indigo Sky is a place to keep in mind. With all of these perks at a cost of $15 per night for the site, this is a go-to spot. Fun, free, or nearly free – what more can you ask?

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