Shelby RV Repair

May 4, 2017 (by Jimmy) – One of the major issues Angela and I had early on with our RV is the time involvement to have repairs completed. Here’s the normal routine. When we have a problem with the 5th wheel, we break camp, drive the RV in to have it checked, have the problem diagnosed, and then set a time for repairs. We then drive back to the RV park, set-up camp again, and wait for the time we set for repairs. When the date arrives, we break camp again, take the RV to the shop … You get my point; the repair guys often take advantage of the fact that we have wheels to keep them from having to make a house call. When we get to the repair part, we have set-up or broken down camp at least three times, and a week’s worth of time has come and gone. When Angela and I stayed at Green Acres in Savannah, TN, this all changed. We met Mr. Shelby.

Mr. Jim Shelby, Owner

Mr. Jim Shelby owns a Mobile RV Repair shop ( He comes to you. When we got to Savannah, TN, Angela started making her list of things to ask about and have repaired. Her list was long. Her list was comprehensive. Her list was complete.

When you see this at your RV site, you know things are about to get better.

Over the years, we have had Mr. Shelby and his associate John perform most of the maintenance and repairs that we have had done. He has replaced one of our air conditioners, repaired our furnace, replaced awning arms, and replaced a broken support leg, etc. We make a trip to Savannah once a year for general maintenance. Angela’s list is long. Angela’s list is comprehensive. Angela’s list is complete.

John, best mechanic I have ever had working on my RV, hands down.

Angela’s dad belongs to an RV group that sometimes has a rally at Green Acres, and when they do, they also use Shelby’s services and frequent his parts store.

Store Front

Carson Shelby, Jim’s son and General Manager

Tamela Shelby, Carson’s wife and Sales Manager

Parts Store

I don’t advertise on here, but when I use a service and I find it exceptional, I do mention it. It is part of our travels and our journey. So, if you are ever in the Savannah, TN area, go see Mr. Shelby and his folks. You will be glad you did. When you do, ask for the Angela Johnson discount. It’s 0% off, but they will take care of your entire list, no matter how long, how comprehensive, or how complete.

John, you can quit laughing now…

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