Four Trails in Four Days: Using AllTrails App

May 3, 2017 (by Angela)

One of the good things about our roaming lifestyle is that we have the opportunity to hike a variety of trails as we travel. This is often easier done when Jim is between projects. It affords all three of us opportunity for physical exercise, fresh air, and time in nature.

Leaving northeastern Ohio on the 23rd, we made our way to Morrow, Ohio, near Columbus, where we stayed at a Harvest Hosts winery. It was a beautiful day, so we went in search of a trail to hike before it was too dark. I attempted a Google search, and the first trail, though near to where we were staying, did not allow dogs. Chewie was offended. My next attempt took us to a location where there was no park, despite the directions given. Jim had been patient long enough. He whipped out his phone and clicked on his handy AllTrails App. Shortly, thereafter, we were in a nice park, Pines Hill Lake Park in Mason, Ohio, that had a paved trail that circled a lake. Several folks were out biking, hiking, and fishing. All three of us had a great time getting our fresh air and PT that evening, but I think we missed getting pictures.

The next day, on our way to a Harvest Hosts farm in Starlight, Indiana, Jim found a trail for us to walk before lunch. This trail, Fox Hollow Farms Nature Trail, is located on private property near Prospect, Kentucky. It is open to the public, but since there was no indication about dogs, we did ask before taking Chewie on the trail.

Entrance to Fox Hollow Farm

On the 25th of April, we were on our way to another camping spot in Indiana. Since our traveling time was going to be minimal, Jim looked for another nice hiking opportunity and found Deam Lake State Natural Area near Borden, Indiana. Here we took on a more difficult trail, Lake Vista Trail, which is not too far from the campground in the park.

This cabin is near the trail at Deam Lake.

The following day, while camping in Scales Lake Park Campground, we hiked another fairly difficult trail (difficult in part because it is geared in some parts more specifically for mountain biking) inside Scales Lake Park, Boonville, Indiana. It was after this hike that we removed ticks from us – the first time this season. Yuck!

Banked ramps make this trail hard for hikers.

Ramps like these abound

Since that time, rain (lots and lots of rain) or extensive travel days have kept us from getting back to hiking. There is a hiking trail in the park in which we arrived last night we hope to use. Unfortunately, it is raining today, and rain is in the forecast for tomorrow; we leave on Friday.

Hiking or walking trails is very good exercise for all three of us, and it is something we want to do as often as possible while we enjoy our life on the road.



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