Bye-Bye Pennsylvania

When you start a new project, develop your teams, and start having your meetings, you never expect to get a phone call from the consulting firm you are working with telling you that your services are no longer needed. In the 15 years that I have been in consulting, I have heard that one time: last Thursday. Of course, your first thought is what did I do wrong, or who did I upset. In my case the answer was nothing and no one. I was bringing the project along just as I would have any other project that I have worked in the past. I had set-up Core Teams, had Core Team meetings, and completed introductory calls with MEDITECH. I had even had the client agree to restructuring the General Ledger and was working with them to make that happen. So why would I receive such a call so early in the project? I only have speculation because no one will tell me, and because I’m a contracted consultant, they are not required to do so.

Here’s my thought. I was asked to join the consulting firm as a W2 employee during the interview phase. I told them that I was strictly 1099 and would only join the team as a contractor. I started working and found out that I would not have access to the consulting firm’s system where they kept status reports and important documentation. So, every time I needed documentation, I could not get it myself but needed someone to send it to me (First consulting firm I’ve worked with that had this requirement.) I suspect that this was a burden that was not desired, and if they could replace me with a W2 employee, this could be avoided.

Anyway, whatever the reason, I left the hospital Thursday afternoon with some mixed feelings. I felt sorry for the client because we had started to make some progress on the direction of the project, and I hope they can push on with the change recommendations. However, I didn’t look forward to having the RV in PA for the warm first 6 months and then having to fly for the cold last 6 months, with Angela in the South. Somehow, when I got on the interstate heading home, I felt more relieved than anything else.

Where we had planned to go

Now, the journey changes. I was on the phone with a few of my recruiters on the way home, looking to see what opportunities are out there and begin the process of getting to the next project. I talked with Angela, and we cancelled the park in which we were going to stay in Pennsylvania. When I got home, Angela had already started looking at where we were going to go.

Our daughter, Clarissa, is getting married in December, and she wants to go dress shopping with me. I didn’t know when I would be able to break away from work in PA, but with that out of the way, Angela decided we should move to Southern Illinois (where Clarissa lives) so that I can go wedding dress shopping with her before the next job. This makes perfect sense, so we are moving to Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, IL. I will get to see Clarissa, my mother, our two sons and their wives, and 4 of our grands.

Where we now plan to go

This is a big change, but like everything else in life, you can fret and worry, or you can focus on the journey and look forward to what’s next. I look forward to helping the next client. Good luck to Mount Nittany Medical Center; I do hope your project goes smoothly.

Bye-bye Pennsylvania

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