Taking Care of Business: Doing What We Need & Want While We Can

April 2, 2017 (by Angela)

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity; this week promises to be more of the same.

After being away from Tennessee for the greatest part of six months, there has been much to do before getting relocated in Pennsylvania for about six months. Where do I begin without this being an ultra long blow-by-blow of events?

Green Acres (March 19 – 25):

Jim and I happened to find ourselves at Green Acres (GA) the same week my Dad’s camping group was having a rally there, so we got the bonus of getting to join in a few of the groups activities and had some time to visit with Dad and Nancy (my step-mom). These things, however, had to be worked around doctors’ appointments, getting meds filled, picking up mail, going by the storage unit, renewing car registration, getting the annual RV service, visiting with our youngest son and his family (9 mo/old grand), helping my Mom, and doing a speed turn-around of paper work for Jim’s Pennsylvania job. At the end of the week, we also had to plan travel, so Jim could be on the job site in PA on Monday the 26th! We sure wanted to visit with family, and there was business that needed to be done.

Here’s a few pictures of time spent “babysitting” Hershel while our son and daughter-in-law had a date night and while with them earlier in the week.

Northgate RV Travel Park (March 25 – April 1)

My gut told me that Jim might have to fly away before the end of the month, so I made reservations well in advance for our next week to be at an RV park on the northern outskirts of Athens, Alabama, just off I-65. The go-to spot, Texas T, did not have the availability we needed, so a back up was necessary. The reservation for our stay was Saturday the 25th through Saturday the 1st, just in case we had to transition into a move on Saturday/Jim fly on Sunday sequence. It was a good call on our part, though we had to leave GA a day early.

On the 25th, storms were rolling through one after the other. We headed out during a break and made it to Athens. He and I got set up with about 30 minutes to spare before a huge storm came in. It did not stop raining completely for at least 12, and probably more, hours. We were lucky! Nathaniel and his family came to visit for the rest of Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning, Jim headed to the Nashville airport, and I began a busy week of enjoying time with and taking care of family. Sunday was my only “down” day. Mom’s quarterly appointment at the doctor’s office was Monday; it takes most of the day to do this and pick up needed things in town. Tuesday, I went to Decatur, Alabama, to visit more with Dad and Nancy; they let me do laundry there, too. The bonus was a short but really nice visit with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Lonnie. Wednesday, Rachel, Hershel, and I went RV shopping. Nathaniel and Rachel are once again considering the plunge. Thursday, I went to Mom’s again to help her with some things, and that night, Jim came home. Both Chewie and I were happy to see him. Chewie loves Jim to pieces and had missed him badly.

Friday, Jim worked, and then we had dinner with Dad and Nancy. On our way north, I stopped in to check on Mom again, and then we landed where we are now: Grand Ole RV Resort in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Grand Ole RV Resort (April 1 – 7)

What’s in store for this week? Jim is almost to Pittsburgh as I write this. I’m leaving soon to meet my brother, Nancy, and Dad for supper. Tomorrow, I will take Chewie to a Meet ‘n Greet for DogVacay and may have a visit with some former students. Tuesday, Chewie will go to DogVacay while I head a bit west to spend the afternoon and night with a friend from my teaching days. Late Wednesday morning, I’ll catch up with another dear Clarksville friend over coffee. After I pick up Chewie, I may even get to see a cousin (by marriage) Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, I go back to Mom’s to help her, and, hopefully, set in place another caregiver who will do what I’ve been doing for her while we are away. Jim comes home Thursday night, and then Friday, we move to Kentucky. It is another week of taking care of business, doing those things we need to do, and, most importantly, doing those things we want to do such as visiting with family and friends.

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