Rain and Cold Go Away; We Three Want to Play

March 18, 2017 (by Angela)

We arrived in Alabama this past Sunday to stay a week, and we awoke to a day-long rain on Monday. Not only was it raining, it was also turning colder. Tuesday and Wednesday are the two coldest nights we’ve endured since before leaving Arkansas in mid-January. Tuesday and Wednesday were cold days, also. BRR!

Thursday morning, it was very cold, but it  finally got sunny and warm enough with our jackets on to get out and be active. Jim found a nearby park, Lakeside Park in Pell City, Alabama. All three of us were ready for some fresh air and sunshine, and we got in about 1 1/2 – 2 mile hike that included some up and down hill action. This park is super nice, and it was impressive to find a park filled with so many options in such a small town.

Thursday morning, it was 19 degrees!

For Friday, we’d planned to go to a local place, Doghouse Bar & Grill, to have lunch and watch a couple of the NCAA tournament games. It was cloudy yesterday, so after taking care of a few household things, we did go to the sports bar. We had a fun time, and the food was good and plenty of it. I couldn’t eat all of my order. Jim asked that we each to fill out brackets for a little bit of friendly competition. I acquiesced, and we did,. As of this writing, I’m 27/32, or 30/36 if you count the four games played before the main 64 games.

Angela’s bracket results after day 2 of NCAA tournament

Plans for today, our last full day at Safe Harbor, are to visit Cheaha State Park in the Talladega Forest. We had rain during the night, and as of writing this, it is still raining. Yet, the radar indicates the system will soon pass through, and we may (note, may) see temps get to 70 for the first time in the last week for us.  If all goes well, the three of us will still make it to the park today, and one of us will be able to tell you about it later.

Of the 8 or so weeks since leaving Arkansas, this has been the only week we’ve not been able to truly get out and about and explore more than not. My fingers are crossed that we make it to the park and get to hike today. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures below from our visit to Lakeside Park in Pell City. (click on photo, or hover cursor over, to see caption.) It is worth a stop if you are in this area. The park is not far off I-20 between Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia (closer to Birmingham).

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