Maintenance and the Mundane on the Road

March 14, 2017 (by Angela)

Life happens – even when living and traveling around the country in an RV. I’ve deemed our travels since leaving Arkansas (after Jim’s last project ended) our “2017 Winter Wanderings.” For the last 7 weeks, we’ve traveled to and stayed in 7 different states. Has everything been fun, food, and games the entire time? Of course not! Life happens no matter where you are. Routine chores must be done on a regular basis, things break, and stuff happen. Here are a few examples of things we’ve dealt with over the last 7 weeks.


Jim’s already written about some weather stripping repairs done while in Texarkana. Look here.) We still have to do the same thing for the other three bays and some light covers to replace, but we are hoping these things can wait until we get to Savannah, Tennessee. We will also be taking the camper in to Shelby RV in Savannah for its annual “check up.”

While in Florida, we saw a wire coming from underneath the bed (which houses the slide mechanisms for the bedroom) that we’d not seen before. Jim and I took the mattress off, and opened up the area. Last year, we found some construction issues, and you can read how Jim repaired and improved the support here. This time, there was some metal piece that apparently was intended to keep the plastic storage area off the slide motor that somehow bent. We decided to put in the exact same brace above the motor as was put at the upper end. The stray wire was returned to where it should have been under the bed, and we removed the plastic storage tray and hardware. We didn’t use it anyway. Then the wood base was secured again with four screws, one on each corner. (Click on picture, or hover cursor over it, to see caption.)

After our second winter in the camper (first not in warm weather), while dealing with the repairs related to the broken upper support beam (post linked above), we discovered that moisture under the mattress was causing mold. Luckily, it didn’t get on the mattress itself at that time. However, what we discovered in our recent bed repairs is that the mold returned during the wet cold in Arkansas. Mold did get through to the mattress this time. I went to the computer to research and learned about Hypervent here. We ordered enough Hypervent to cover the base of the bed and a new mattress. When both arrived, we put down Hypervent, switched out the mattress, and made the bed again. Time will tell if this fix works. Since Hypervent is what is used on boats, I have a good feeling we’ve solved this issue.

Along our winter route, we began having a problem with the driver’s side rear break light/turn signal. Luckily, I was following and could see that it would work and then not work. Jim did all he could to try to figure out the issue. Finally, we decided to stop at an RV service along the way. The folks at Dick Gore’s RV World, Richmond Hill, Georgia, were fantastic. They worked us in over lunch and discovered there was something wrong with our 7-way, and we had some loose screws. An hour and a half after we pulled in, Jim and I pulled out with working lights once more. We can highly recommend this dealership and repair shop located just off I-95 in Georgia.

Daily Chores:

Just like all of you who live in sticks and bricks homes, grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning, etc. are things we do in the RV. In fact, sweeping and vacuuming happens more when parked in areas with a lot of sand or the weather is wet, causing more tracking. One chore that is less convenient in our camper is laundry. Jim and I chose storage space over the small washer and dryer that could have been in our camper. As a result, we have to haul laundry to a laundromat, whether in the park or in a nearby town, to wash and dry clothes. Sometimes, if allowed in the campground and weather permits, I can hang out clothes on our bumper clothesline, but this is not always possible. The last couple of weeks doing laundry has meant spending a couple of hours at a public laundry facility. The main bonus is the ability to do multiple loads at once, so there is a positive to doing laundry in this way.

Repairing things and doing chores is just part of life, and I’d rather be doing them on the road than missing all the blessings travel provides!


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