The Houses of Madison City

and Other Explorations

March 12, 2017 (by Angela)

If we’d only known!

Per the postcard, Madison is one of the 16 Most Beautiful Towns in the World

We found this postcard at the Welcome Center some 24 hours after our arrival. I have no idea about authenticity of the claim or where to find the documentation. Long before seeing this, Jim and I were in awe of the beauty and feel of this small but active Georgia town located about an hour east of Atlanta.

If you’ve read other posts, then you already know that he and I love looking at architecture, even if we don’t know that much about it. We know what we like, and he and I appreciate beauty, even if we don’t care to own another big home again. Below are a few of the houses and other buildings in Madison, Georgia, that he and I found pretty or interesting and of which we could make a photo. Many, many others should be here, but because of their location and the fact we were driving around to see them, we couldn’t always stop to snap a picture. There are few captions, so enjoy the pictures below for themselves. Please remember it was cloudy most of the day; had it been sunny, they’d be better.

The three of us also went in search of a good place to walk or hike. Tapping the app TrailLink, we found what looked like a good hike for us in/near Athens, Georgia, a little to the north of Madison. We planned to hike the 3.5 mile North Oconee River Greenway, but we ran into a bit of a problem in terms of parking. We arrived just after noon, and we could not park near the Greenway terminus because folks were using the Greenway parking lot to patronize the restaurant on the other side of the Greenway parking area. We went looking for another nearby trail mentioned in TrailLink only to discover it is planned but not yet built. Finally, Jim located Athens Memorial Park. There were trails enough to satisfy. Not only did we have a nice, easy walk around a pond, but we also got some up and down hill action. Chewie was thrilled to run, play, sniff, pee, and interact with other dogs in a large dog park also inside the park. All three of us got a good workout and enjoyed the outing.

If we had only known, Jim and I would have planned to spend more time in this wonderful little community. Certainly, when opportunity presents itself again, we want to return to Madison some day.

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