Charleston, Chewie, and Change of Plans

March 9, 2017 (by Angela)

We’re in Colleton State Park near Walterboro, South Carolina, and it is a beautiful and quiet park. In almost two and a half years, Jim and I have only stayed in one other state park in the camper, and that was in Mississippi two years ago. We decided to head this way to have time to visit Charleston and, to be honest, to pick up another state sticker on our map while we were so close.

Map of states in which we have stayed in the RV as of this post

We only booked three nights here because that is all that was available continuously in the same site for this week, but he and I figured two full days in Charleston would be plenty. You know what we say about planning though, and God had another good belly laugh.

Now, Jim began actively looking for his next contract about two weeks ago, and just as we arrived at the park Tuesday afternoon, he received an email from someone from a company for which he has not worked before. The person wanted to know if he could drop by their office on Thursday (today). He and I both thought she didn’t realize he was not in the New England area, so he responded to let her know that he was currently in South Carolina.  Not long after, while we were still setting up camp, he got a call.  The lady wanted him to fly in for the day today, at their expense, to interview with a couple of people, so they could determine if they want to contract with him on some of the projects they have going in the country.

What do you do when you are actively looking for a job and someone offers to pay your expenses to come to Massachusetts for the day to interview? Even if it means cutting your tourist time in Charleston in half, YOU FLY AWAY for the day! (The story of the outcome of this flight is here.)

We’d already made an appointment for Chewie to have a “spa” day at Petco in Charleston since it has been months since we’ve been near his “go to” spa joint. We’d made do with PetSense while in Batesville. Last month, Chewie had to endure being given a “lick and a promise” bath in Florida by us. Yesterday morning, we loaded up early so that we could 1) have breakfast on the way, 2) have time to scout out the route Jim would need to take to the airport this morning, and 3) get Chewie to Petco in time for his appointment.

With Chewie settled in, Jim and I headed for the historic downtown Charleston area. We didn’t stop at a welcome center, and that was a mistake as I had a hard time remembering where all of the cool stuff was located since it has been 16 or 17 years since my last visit. We parked and walked through the Market buildings along Market Street. This was fun and interesting, but I was anxious to get him to the really interesting historical stuff and the neat architecture. I finally saw a shop offering free maps and grabbed one. As we stood on the sidewalk looking at it, a nice couple from Ohio stopped to tell us about the free bus, running three different routes around town, that we could ride. They even gave us one of the maps showing the routes and times. Jim and I were going to hop on the bus after we finished looking through the Market area.

Then, I got a phone call. Chewie had gotten sick and vomited. Petco folks wanted to know if they should continue or did we want to come get him. He’d been there about an hour already. Since I had a good idea why he may have gotten sick (he may or may not have had a sausage that morning), I asked that they continue. Folks at Petco said they would, but if he became ill again, they’d call for us to come get him.  Poor baby; he got sick. Darn! We didn’t dare get on a bus that took an hour and a half to run the full route of town now – just in case he should get sick again.

Jim was a good sport. We went back to the parking garage, got our car, and we drove the routes as if we were on the bus, with an addition to the Ft. Sumter National Monument. If Petco called, we could go. Lucky for Chewie, he did not get sick again. Jim seemed to enjoy what he did get to see and do. Here are a few photos from our day. Remember, it is hard to make good pictures when one is driving and the other is trying to read a map. What we did get are below. Click on the photos, or hover cursor over them, to see captions.

After lunch and picking up Chewie, who was fine, we had one final stop I had planned. I wanted Jim to see Angel Oak. He understood why as soon as he got out of the car and was able to wrap his mind around what he was seeing. As of this writing, it is still a free site. Please, please be respectful and follow rules. I don’t know how it is still standing, especially after hurricanes. It is 400+ years old. Though not as old as the Senator, it is much, much larger.

The big loss for Jim in gaining the opportunity to go to an interview with a different consultant company today is that he didn’t get to ride the boat to and from Ft. Sumter. He really would have loved to visit the fort and tour it, but that is pretty much a full morning or full afternoon for a history buff like Jim. It will happen another time, we hope.

By the end of the day, Chewie was fine, and we could tell he felt better after getting a good grooming. Jim was content with what we had done and seen. If my boys were happy, then I was happy, too.

Chewie is always exhausted after a good spa day.

While he is away today, Chewie and I will enjoy the park in which we are staying. There is one thing to be said about the RV lifestyle, especially when one of us is still working on the road as a sole proprietor traveling consultant. You have to learn to roll with whatever comes, even if your great plans get modified. It’s just part of it. 🙂


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