Where Everybody Knows Your Smell

February 20, 2017 (by Chewie) – Jim likes to watch Cheers, and I do to because it tells us about the importance of dog parks. Like the theme song goes:


Taking Jim to the Dog Park

Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your smell

And a sniffed butt can ring a bell

You want to be where you can see That the dogs all came to gel

You want to be where everybody knows your smell


Unhooking Jim so he can walk around

Bottom line, I love a campground with a good dog park. You see, I can’t trust Jim, so I have to hook him up to a leash every time I take him out. A dog park is a place I can take him and unhook him from the leash and let him walk around while I read the dog newspaper (sniff around the park to see who is still around), and leave my scent so everyone knows I’m still here.


Reading the Dog Newspaper


Letting everyone know I’m still here.

Now, what makes a good dog park? I’ve been to many, but my favorites are at least a quarter acre or better. There should be trees, poles, or some sniffable ornaments in the yard. If there are none of these, most of us have to pee on the fence. That’s okay, but I prefer to roam inside the yard. Some dogs like a nice tennis ball or a Frisbee, but don’t leave one of these at the park. No dog wants a used tennis ball, especially after a good rain, and Frisbees become just chew toys. So if you bring toys in, take your toys out.


Meeting other Dogs


Getting some exercise since I don’t have to pull Jim around.

Any dog park must have a poop station. If you don’t have a poop station, you don’t have a dog park. I sometimes poop twice just to get Jim to move around the park; he’s so lazy.

What do I do if there’s not a dog park? There are a number of parks that claim to be dog friendly that do not have a dog park. They need to rethink the term “dog friendly” because they are not. If there is no dog park, I have to walk around the park and go in other people’s yards. This is not fair because if I go in one yard not all the dogs will know I’m there unless they also come by that yard. We need a place to keep all of our smells together.

Teaching Mom to “high five”


Hey mom lessons don’t come cheap, where’s my treat?

My favorite Cheers line is when they ask Norm how he is and he says, “It’s a dog eat dog world, and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.” I hope he comes to the dog park. I like Milk Bone.


Taking Jim back home.

2 thoughts on “Where Everybody Knows Your Smell

  1. We just booked a stay in “Normandy Farms Campground” in Foxborough, MA. they have a beautiful 1 acre dog park called “Freedrom Tail” and they even offer “dogsitting” if needed.

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