Shady Pines RV Park, Texarkana, TX

January 2017


Our set-up at Shady Pines

Shady Pines RV Park

10010 West 7th Street

Texarkana, TX 75501

Phone: 903-832-1268



We had to e-mail them about rates and discounts (they are Good Sam’s affiliated). All I have is what we paid. We stayed for three nights and paid $27.00 per night after our Good Sam’s discount. It would have been $30.00 without the discount.


This is a small park. There are pull through and back in lots. All sights are relatively level and concrete based. Though the park has a Texarkana address, it is 5-10 miles out of town.


Lot Map

Amenities: Electric – 30 and 50 amp, Water – Yes, Sewer – Yes, TV – No, Internet – Yes

Other Conveniences: Laundry, Showers, Gathering Room, Free Fishing Pond, Dog Walking Area

Other Inconveniences: No Playground for Children

Positives: It is really easy to get into and out of the park. The concrete lots made it very easy to level the RV. This is a very pretty park. The park is associated with an RV sales and service shop, which is next door. This makes it easy to get parts and service when you are at the park.

Negatives: The rates should be listed on the website. The website for the park is embedded in the website for the RV Service Center. In my opinion, these should be separated. Some of the sewer hook-ups are level with or uphill from the dump valve of the RV. The dump at the site is bowl shaped to keep any overflow from going on the ground. Though that is nice for the park, it makes it impossible to hook a 90 degree dump elbow to the sewer drain.




Meeting Area


Concrete based lots


RV Sales and Service Shop next door


We had to put a board over the dump site because we couldn’t get the elbow to attach to the sewer drain.


Fishing Pond and Fountain

6 thoughts on “Shady Pines RV Park, Texarkana, TX

      • Have you tried one of those directional TV antenna boosters ? they are only about $30 and in my opinion ad good investment. I installed the DTV Antenna app on my phone and point the antenna now directly towards the tower of a specific station. We usually Steam TV. AT&T doesnt charge your phone with data usage if you subscribe to the DirecTVnow service ( and then connect phone via HDMI adapter ) . T-Mobile has a similar plan with something called Binge On that works similar )


      • No, we’ve not tried anything like that. Our provider is Verizon. I’m not sure if they have a similar program or not. Since when we choose campgrounds for when Jim is on a job, we look for parks that include cable and WiFi (which is why not having good access to both upon our arrival was an issue at Speedway; I’d confirmed we’d have both when making the reservation). He and I have discussed the RV satellite service that is provided by Direct TV (I think). I’ll have to check into what you suggested. Thanks!

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