Back on the Road

January 20, 2017, (by Jimmy) – I have completed the project in Arkansas. At this point, I have not set-up my next project. As a matter of fact, I have informed all my recruiters that I will be available March 1. So, while I will be discussing opportunities, I plan to forego anything prior to March. This gives Angela and me about 6 weeks, more or less, to travel.

She and I hit the road tomorrow morning. We will try to post as we go, but our plans are to be in St Augustine, Florida by the end of the month. On the maps tab of this blog (2017 Travel) you will see the following map.


Our Trip

Our first stop is already set at the Shady Pines RV Park in Texarkana, TX. We will stay there a couple of days (One of my clients was in Longview, TX, and I hope to visit). We then plan to go to the Lafayette, LA area (where we want to visit the Louisiana Hot Sauce factory – I’m getting low on hot sauce).

Then we’ll find our way to Gulfport, MS. My cousin is the City Planner at Gulfport, and we may visit him. We then plan to go to Florida Caverns State Park. This choice was because is looked like a neat place to visit.

Finally, we will arrive at St. Augustine. Right now our plan is to be there on January 30, but that will depend on the fun we are having along the way. We have selected our first night stay in Texarkana, but we’ll set-up further campgrounds based on availability and location.

Once we arrive at St. Augustine, we plan to stay at that location for a month, or until my next project is set. If we get to March without a new project, we will scooter up the east coast.

Plans, plans, plans… All I know is Angela and I will get to be on the road together for a few weeks; that’s all the plans I need.

Until later… Later

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