First Stop Chosen

January 11, 2017 (by Angela)

We still don’t know exactly when we will be leaving Arkansas, but all signs point to it being pretty soon. Jim and I have thrown around ideas about where to travel first as we have some time to ramble before his next work contract. At first, we thought we’d make a couple of stops in southern Arkansas to spend time in Hot Springs and to dig for diamonds in Crater of Diamonds State Park. After the extreme cold of the past two weeks, we’re really tired of cold, so he and I want to go as far south as we can on the first day, within our normal preferences for daily travel. We have chosen to set our sights on Texarkana, Texas, for our first stop in our search for warmer temperatures.

Now, I realize the temperatures are not going to shoot through the roof after traveling less than 250 miles from our current location, but that distance is going to make a difference. For example, the extended forecast for Batesville, AR for week after next is below. Look at all of those nights in the 20s and teens!

Batesville's forecast - brr

Batesville’s forecast – brr

 Now, look at the difference by going less than 250 miles (by road) south.

Texarkana's forecast

Texarkana’s forecast

You may not think that lows in the 30s are so much better than 20s, but it is, especially when you live in an RV. For one thing, we don’t have to worry about our measures to avoid frozen water lines not being enough.

Of course, you’ve seen what we’ve said about planning. God may be laughing at us. If it’s His will and we get to leave here shortly, at this moment, Texarkana is our next destination. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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