Eagle Valley Campground, Sanders, KY

August 2016


Front Office

Eagle Valley Campground

1100 Eagle Valley Rec Center Road

Sanders, KY 41045

Phone: (502) 347-9361

Web: http://www.eaglevalleyresort.com/

Rate: We stayed here one night. They didn’t have a rate schedule available. We paid $25 for the night (50 Amp and water).

Lot: They didn’t have a Lot Map available. We stayed near the entrance to the Park, I took the dog for a walk into the park and there were a number of other sites available. All lots were level and gravel based.

Amenities: Electric – up to 50 Amp, Water – Yes, Sewer – Yes, TV – No, Internet – No

Positives: The park is in a lovely area and has many mature trees throughout the park. $25 rate for a one night stay with 50 amp is very nice.

Negatives: Getting to the park is 10 miles of twisting road with a bridge over a river that made me stop the truck and take assessment before going over it. The guy in the RV behind me told me later that he waited for me to get all the way across before he started. The place seems a bit run down. We passed a place that is building a new RV park nearer to the Interstate so my speculation is that this is why Eagle Valley may be in decline (also not having a rate schedule or lot map available for campers is not something you see in a healthy campsite). There were a few campers there but for August I would have expected many more.


Pavilion next to Office


10 miles from the Kentucky Speedway


Mature Trees park type atmosphere


Beautiful rolling hills going to the Campground


This is the bridge. You can get across it – holding your breath helped me

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