It’s Arkansas

Sep 16, 2016 (by Jimmy) – This has been a very interesting week. That actually is an understatement. I think the best way to explain how the Arkansas project came about is to start from the beginning; this was over two weeks ago.

I received an e-mail from a recruiter named Tracy Clark. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but he is taking the place of the man who got me my first consulting job 15 years ago.  So I called him, and we talked about a project he knew about with a consulting firm called HRS. I told him that Santa Rosa expected to have a project I could drop into once Alaska was complete, and I wanted to talk to Mike with Santa Rosa before he sent my information to HRS. Tracy knew Mike because he had worked at Santa Rosa (I live in a small world).  Mike said he didn’t have anything, so I had Tracy send my information to HRS.

HRS interviewed me and was satisfied with my qualifications. They then set-up an interview with the Arkansas Client that took place Thursday before last. Here’s the day to day activity from that Thursday.

Thursday 9/8

  • Interviewed with Arkansas (it went well; I’ve had a lot of practice in the last 15 years).
  • Flew home from Alaska

Friday 9/9

  • No Word from Arkansas (I didn’t expect a decision until Monday or Tuesday).

Saturday/Sunday 9/10 & 9/11

  • At home with Angela

Monday 9/12

  • Flew back to Alaska
  • On my way I got a text message from a co-worker wanting to send my information to a consulting firm that had another project. Since I didn’t have a signed contract, I said sure.
  • When I got to Alaska and turned on my computer, I had an e-mail from a lady with a consulting company called Atlanticon.
  • I sent her my information and told her of the potential in Arkansas.
  • No word from Arkansas

Tuesday 9/13

  • Talked to the lady with Atlanticon; she had a project in Georgia.
  • She wanted to send in my information and asked if I hadn’t heard back from Arkansas before she got the interview set-up, would I take the interview.  I said yes.
  • I called Tracy and told him of the potential of another contract, so everyone was informed.
  • Interview with Georgia was set for Thursday.
  • No word from Arkansas

Wednesday 9/14

  • Wednesday is meeting day in Alaska, so I don’t set-up any calls with outside folks on Wednesday.
  • No word from Arkansas

Thursday 9/15

  • Heard from Arkansas. One of the guys who interviewed with me last week was in a seminar this week.  He was to meet with the other guy that interviewed with me, and I should know something tomorrow or Monday.
  • My interview with Georgia was exactly one week later, to the second, from the interviewed I had with Arkansas.
  • I got an e-mail from the Atlanticon Sales guy. He said the interview went extremely well, and I should have a decision tomorrow or Monday
  • The race is on.
  • I was notified that Arkansas had signed 3:00 p.m. Alaska time.  That would have been 6:00 p.m. Arkansas time.  Either they signed as they were leaving the hospital or stayed over.
  • I sent an e-mail to the lady with Atlanticon to let her know I was contracted with Arkansas.

Friday 9/16

  • I got a  very early call from the salesman from Atlanticon saying Georgia had signed. I told him that I had sent the lady notification that Arkansas had signed and was sorry. He hadn’t been notified because she was in Mountain time, and he was in Eastern time.

Some things to take from this:

  • First, as Angela points this out all the time, I was contacted and referred. They came to me; I didn’t go to them. I usually start a search for my next client about a month before my contract ends, but Tracy had already contacted me by then, so there was no need.  It’s nice to be needed, but I do want to help each client and feel badly for Georgia.
  • Always keep a level playing field on both sides. I was up front with each potential client; each knew of the other. I didn’t play favorites.  The importance of this is when I come off the Arkansas project, Atlanticon may have another project, and I haven’t burnt that bridge.
  • I applaud Atlanticon. They did in 4 days what it takes most companies a month to do.  Had Arkansas said we’ll sign in the morning, Georgia would have won the contract.
  • I also applaud HRS. When they learned that they weren’t the only ball on the playing field, they got into action to get the client signed.

How do I feel about this? The projects and my expertise to assist the client were similar.  We would have moved the RV to either place.  From the interviews, both hospitals would be great to work with.  I like the fact that they were both similar because I didn’t lean one way or the other.


White River Health Center


So we will be moving to an RV park near Batesville, Arkansas, to start a project on Oct 3rd at White River Health Center.  This will be a few months but not near as long as Magnolia.

(Note: The events of the past week were going on at the same time that I got a totally unexpected one-week extension in Alaska, so once I get back to Tennessee, we will barely have time to move the RV to the client site in Arkansas for the start date.)

Until later, later…

4 thoughts on “It’s Arkansas

  1. Batesville is our home town! We love this small town! We also RV and love to travel! In the next month, we will be in Oklahoma and then Branson, Mo.


    • I look forward to fall in the Ozarks, it has to be beautiful here. The added bonus for me as a NASCAR fan (if the Jimmy Johnson didn’t give it away) I’m hoping to run into Mark Martin. If you get home shoot us a note and we can get together for coffee sometime.


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