Unexpected Twists and Turns

September 14, 2016 (by Angela)

It’s Wednesday night, and already what a week it has been! It’s been filled with unexpected twists and turns bringing blessings and disappointments.

Thinking we knew about 98% for sure where Jim’s next work project (and thus our future home) would be when he departed Tennessee Monday morning, within 24 hours a couple of twists put doubt on that surety. First, while traveling on Monday, he was contacted by a different company about another potential project with the same start date as the one he expected to get a signed contract on this week. The fact that as of this writing he does not yet have a signed contract for the job expected is the second twist so far. Knowing he was anticipating a contract on the first project, the folks with the second project have been fast-tracking the process, trying to secure him before the first project can “seal the deal”.

Add in today’s turn: the folks in Alaska do not want to let him go, at least not yet. Though his contract hours will be used by Thursday of next week, they have requested a 40-hour contract extension. This means that my hubby will be in Alaska almost three full weeks this trip. He will miss another grandchild’s baptism. We most likely will be unable to take time to visit with friends in Savannah and get our camper repairs done at the place we trust. Certainly, we will not have the amount of time planned if we get to pass that way. He and I will not get to spend two days visiting family in Illinois as planned. I’ve spent the evening cancelling reservations left and right. Yet, the fact that work is seeking him out is a true blessing, and we are thankful for that, especially since he is self-employed.

All this is true unless there is the biggest twist and turn of all – one that I fear to speak, but at this point, it is a possibility. What if both contracts fall flat? Well, that being the case, Jim is blessed with an extra week’s pay not expected from working in Alaska. We would have plenty of time to visit friends and family, get our favorite RV repair folks to work on the camper, and Jim would have time to seek out other potential jobs. You see, as alluded to before, he has not looked for these two contracts; they came looking for him.

Life certainly is exciting when married to a traveling consultant, normally moving your home to the job site! Nothing planned for what we thought was the end of this contract is going as planned, and as of this moment, we don’t know in which state we will be living by the first of next month. I’m certain things will work out the way they are meant to work out, but it does seem God is giving me a lesson in planning (or not planning). I’m partial to the quote from Robert Burns’ poem “Ode to a Mouse”:  “The best laid schemes (plans) o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley (often go awry).” Jim loves this quote by Woody Allen:

Whatever the next few hours, days, or weeks bring, we’ll let you know when we know. Life is an adventure, and it is not just the destination; it is the journey itself, which is a paraphrase (as is the slogan on the graphic below) of T. S. Elliot’s quote: “The journey, Not the destination matters . . .”

Enjoy YOUR journey!

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