Coughing My Lungs Out, Yet Life Goes On

September 11, 2016 (by Angela)

Coughing my lungs out. Yep, that sums up this past week, week 6 of Jim in Alaska, pretty well.

Though I didn’t feel so well, since my brother has limited availability, he and I still went to Mom’s last Sunday to put up solar motion detector lights on the sides of her house and take care of a few other things for her. Once back to the RV park, I parked my coughing self and continued my home treatments for the sinus infection turned upper respiratory infection. Nathaniel called and invited me down to their house for Labor Day if I felt up to it, but I didn’t, so it was more of the same in the camper homestead.

Tuesday, though feeling better, I still sounded awful, but I’d promised Mom we’d go get her hair “done” and run errands in town, so before 8:00 a.m., she and I were headed to Pulaski. About 4 miles from Mom’s house, my “low tire” indicator light had come on, so after getting Mom in the salon to start her permanent, I went in search of an air pump. It only took stopping at three gas stations before I found one, but the day of free air is almost gone. It took 75 cents to pump in the little bit of air I needed for the one tire. If I’d not already had plans to put new tires on the car this week, I probably would have had to have someone check to see if a nail or something had punctured the tire and was causing a slow leak; it was the second time in 3 weeks for that tire to be low on air. Back to the salon in Walmart, I got my hair cut in between the attentions required when one is getting a permanent (why anyone wants one of those is beyond me). Next, Mom and I picked up the items on her grocery list, and then we went to the bank. Here Mom wanted to get some cash, and we needed to have her Advance Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney for Health Care, and Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs signed and notarized. This done, I had to have something to eat, so a run through KFC provided both of us lunch upon our return to her house. After lunch, I went home to continue my fight with mucus and congestion.

Wednesday was the day planned to go to Decatur for car service, so Chewie and I made our way there. Getting Chewie happily settled in Dad’s fenced back yard, Dad and I went to the Ford dealership for regular service on our Fusion, and after that, we went to have new tires put on the car. When the alignment was checked after new tires were in place, the printed graphic showing how out of alignment the car was both shocked and infuriated me. Had we not just paid almost $80 to have it aligned on June 3rd by Quality Tire in Savannah? The car had been parked for half of the last three months, and when driven since the “alignment,” nothing had happened to justify it being out of alignment again, certainly not this badly. There was nothing to do but pay for another alignment, but at least this time, I was shown that it truly had been aligned. A late lunch with Dad and Nancy capped off our day in Decatur. Chewie and I made our way home to rest as I still seemed to be coughing up my lungs off and on all day long.

Alignment before and after my 2nd "alignment" in 3 months

Alignment before and after my 2nd “alignment” in 3 months

It had been two weeks since I had seen and held baby Hershel, so despite how I sounded, I did not think myself contagious, so off to Florence I went on Thursday by way of running a couple of errands in Pulaski. Oh, how Hershel had grown; he seemed three inches longer. Rachel, his mom, was busy packing away clothes through 3 months size and getting out the 6 month sizes. It was a great day spent with Hershel and his parents, marred only by the fact that I locked my keys in the car. Thank goodness for AAA. While I intended to make, or make with Rachel, Nathaniel’s favorite pie, the delay of having to get keys out of my locked car made it too late after the store ingredients run for me to stay to bake the pie. Rachel “womaned” up and made it for the first time, and she did a wonderful job.

Grandma and Hershel

Grandma and Hershel

Chocolate chess pie Rachel made

Chocolate chess pie Rachel made

Friday, Jim came home from two straight weeks in Alaska; he arrived about lunchtime. Chewie demanded Jim’s first attentions. The dog was so excited to have Jim home that he could barely contain himself. Finally, Chewie settled. While Jim got a shower, I made us sandwiches. A nap followed, and for the rest of the afternoon and evening, we just enjoyed being together. Saturday was much of the same. We craved doing the mundane and being laid back together. He and I made a trip to Lewisburg where we had lunch, got his hair cut, washed the truck, and filled the truck with diesel. Saturday afternoon and evening was a repeat of Friday except that we did laundry together and then watched college football: the Battle at Bristol.

Jim & Chewie after Chewie settled

Jim & Chewie after Chewie settled

Sunday, we had brunch at Soda Pop Junction, and then we settled into an afternoon of moaning as the Titans lost a 10-0 lead at the half, going on to lose to the Vikings, and as Jimmie Johnson, Jim’s NASCAR driver of choice, finished deep in the pack. I made chocolate chip banana bread to munch on in the afternoon and pasta for dinner. After Jim packed for his return trip to Alaska, we napped – again. Jim and I wrapped up our weekend together with a sappy love story movie, homemade popcorn, and soda as we cuddled on the sofa. It was so awesome to have him home, even if I am still coughing my lungs out even now.

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