The One and Only Piece of “Art” and Other Tidbits of Daily Life

September 3, 2016 (by Angela)

What week are we on? That’s right; it is the 5th week of Jim working in Alaska. He left on Monday and had a long travel day.

Mom and I had planned to go to Kroger in Columbia together on Wednesday (Senior Discount Day) and stop to visit Casey, our expecting daughter-in-law, but Mom called me Sunday night to say that she was out of too many things and did not think she could wait until Wednesday. That was not a problem, I told her, “We can go Monday morning, but we may not get to see Casey as she has a dental appointment because of a loose crown.” I asked if 9:00 would be a good time, and she said it would. After Jim was off, I got ready for a shopping trip.

Something told me to call Mom; I gave her a notice that I’d be leaving to come over there in about 30 minutes.  It was a good thing I called. She’d forgotten and had just gotten up. I delayed my arrival about 20 extra minutes, giving her almost an hour to get dressed. In the meantime, I found out that Casey’s appointment was not until 11, so we would have a chance to go by for a few minutes to say hi before shopping.

Mom picked up, I turned the car toward Columbia, and she wanted to know why we were going that way. I reminded her that she wanted to go to Kroger. I’ll not go on and on about all of the things she had forgotten, both things we had discussed and things she had thought but not told me. It was an interesting trip. When we were in the grocery store and she handed me her list, it was really short for someone who was out of “everything.” The list had 11 items on it. Four items were non food items of which she was getting low but not out – things that could have waited two more days. Half of the food items were things like cookies, ice cream, and cokes. I’m still scratching my head. At least I was able to get my own groceries, which really were better food items choices.

Tuesday, I took care of business matters I would have normally done on Monday. Wednesday I woke with a headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat.  I didn’t know if it was allergy related with the high pollen or if I had picked up a cold while out on Monday, so I spent the day nursing myself. When I still had the symptoms upon going to bed, I told Rachel and Nathaniel I’d not be down Thursday in case a cold.  I did not want to share, especially with the baby. During the day Thursday, I did get to feeling better, and this was good since I had a girls’ night planned for Friday night.

Friday morning, I straightened things at the camper and packed for myself to spend the night and for Chewie to go to  Dogvacay. Leaving about lunch time, I was headed toward my ultimate destination, my friend’s house between Nashville and Clarksville. I grabbed some lunch and then delivered Chewie to his Dogvacay host. When I arrived at Colleen’s, we visited and caught up with each other (it had been 9 months since last together) while we both prepped food for dinner.  After awhile the other expected former CA (Clarksville Academy) teachers with whom I had worked and am friends began to arrive. It took all of the time before and during dinner to catch up on each of our spouses, children, and grandchildren.

The five us of piled into one of the SUVs and headed to Clarksville where we had reservations for a painting class. I know I’m not talented, and I think each of us (none being an art teacher) was a little nervous about our abilities. It actually was quite a bit of fun, and I’m so glad we did it. I now have my one and only piece of art – the only canvas painting I’ve ever done.

The five us returned to Colleen’s where we ate more, drank wine, and visited until after midnight. One who lives locally left at that point to go home, and the rest of us bedded down at Colleen’s for the night.

Out of habit, we were all up close to normal times despite the late night, and we continued chatting on the porch while drinking coffee and over breakfast in the kitchen. Since I had to pick up my meat order at the Clarksville Downtown Market, I was the first of the over-nighters to leave, but it had been a memorable 24 hours. Food picked up, and Chewie retrieved, we were home just after lunch time today. I took a good long nap. Unfortunately, I think sleeping with the windows open Friday night(my idea) renewed my sinus problems.

Our view from porch over morning coffee

Our view from porch over morning coffee

Of course, it is a holiday weekend, so I’m trying alternative treatments, like drinking these teas, hoping to avoid a trip to a walk-in clinic for a sinus infection. My brother and I have plans to go to Mom’s tomorrow to put up some outside motion detector lights and deal with some paper work and other things. I really need to feel good, but I can only do what I can do. We’ll see how it goes.

Hoping Tea Will Heal

Hoping Tea Will Heal

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