Next Job Site?

August 30, 2016 (by Angela)

This is just a strong potential, and really it is Jim’s story to tell once the contract is signed and we know for sure, but I’m really excited. For several days, we’ve thought that his next job would have him flying away to another cold-weather area while I had to hang out on the Gulf Coast during the winter before being able to move to the site, but it may be better than expected. The next job site could be in an area with weather comparable to where we were last winter yet close enough for us to enjoy Autumn in the mountains.  My fingers are crossed that he’ll have a signed contract within a week or so, and then Jim can tell everyone. 🙂


The picture from Google Earth shows the location of the potential job site, just east of the mountains shown.

This is probably a temporary post until we know for sure, but I’m excited and had to post something!

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