Satisfying Sunday and Mundane Monday

July 18, 2016 (by Angela)

Sunday, our first full day in the Clayton, NY, area was very satisfying. The helpful owners of Merry Knoll Campground provided us with some good local and tour information upon check in, and this included a detailed map of the village of Clayton situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River not too far from where the river feeds into Lake Ontario. Jim and I decided to spend our Sunday driving and walking around in Clayton. Sunny with a nice breeze off the river, we found the village very pleasant, quaint, and fun to explore. Because it was Sunday, there were some shops into which we could not venture, but we found plenty to do.

Being that Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, The Scoop (shown in street shot below) made it easy for us to celebrate, so celebrate we did with a great view.

We popped into the local hardware and department store, a gift shop, and walked past other stores window shopping. One shop we tried to enter that was closed advertises as being the first place to serve 1000 dressing, which was developed in this area.

There are many beautiful homes, churches, and pier and park area; the village has a really good vibe. It is walking and dog friendly, and access to the St. Lawrence is easy to access. It made for an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday.

After learning from the great information received at the campground there is a nearby Drive-In Theater, Jim and I made plans to go Sunday night, and we took Chewie with us. I’d never seen a two-screen Drive-in before, but this one was. Each screen had a double feather. We chose The Secret Life of Pets followed by Tarzan. For only $6 each admission, we were set. Of course, concessions were available, too, so in between movies, it was popcorn and candy time.

Monday, we slept in a bit and moved slowly after waking since it was well after 1 a.m. when we got back to the camper after the movies. When we did get going, it was a day filled with mundane tasks: paying bills online, grocery shopping, Jim getting a hair cut, picking up some needed items for the 5th wheel, filling the truck with diesel, and having the truck serviced at the local Dodge dealership since we flipped over the miles indicating it was oil change time while moving through New York. While out running errands, we did find another popular ice cream shop and decided we needed to celebrate the day after National Ice Cream Day, too.

Ice cream day 2

Jim’s second day of ice cream

Sometimes we are really lucky when we find hidden gems like the Village of Clayton, NY, or the two-screen Drive-in Theater in Alexandria Bay. Every day cannot be fun and excitement. After all, our 5th Wheel trailer is our home on the roam, and there are always chores to do at and for home.




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