It’s Alaska!


North to Alaska

July 18, 2016 (by Jimmy) – All the while we have been traveling, I have been working in the background to get my next project set-up.  A week or so ago, the final word was given that I will be doing an optimization project in Juneau, Alaska.  An optimization project is where something seems to not be functioning correctly, and we go in find what the issue is and correct it.  These projects usually run 1-3 months depending on what is wrong and how difficult it is to correct.  I won’t know the full extent of the contract until I get there and can run some tests.  So my contract is set for one month with the possibility of an extension.

I have never worked in Alaska before, so this will make the 21st state in which I have had the opportunity to work.  The hospital I will be working for is Bartlett Regional Hospital.  I will be contracted through the same company I was working with in Mississippi, Santa Rosa.  They already have a group of consultants on site performing various functions.  I’m not sure if any of my issues will interplay with theirs, but that’s not unusual: we’ll just work through them together.


Bartlett Regional Hospital

If you look in the “Map” tab on the main page you will see that I have added our travel back from Vermont.  Previously, we thought we may have time to go into New Hampshire, Maine, and maybe even take in some of Canada.  But with a contract set, we need to head back south.  When I start the contract on August 1st, we will park the RV near Cleveland, OH.  Angela and I were going to attend a wedding of a friend there, but only she will be able to go now.  When I go to Alaska, they require that I remain there for a two week period (one week is normal in the lower 48) because of the cost to travel there, so I won’t be back until near the middle of August.  At that time we will move the RV to the Texas T RV Park in southern Tennessee (where we had been before – about a year and a half ago).  This puts Angela near family and provides her the opportunity to see her dad and mom and some of the kids and grands in the area.  We will stay there until the contract is over, and I will fly out of Nashville.  After that, who knows, but I’ll keep you informed…

Until later… Later…


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