July 2016 Travel Days 4, 5, and 6

July 17, 2016 (by Angela)

Travel Day 4, on July 9th, took us from Meadow Lakes Campground in Ohio to Presque Isle Passage Campground in Pennsylvania.


During the almost week spent there, we had a ton of fun that you can read about in Allegheny National Forest and Lessons Learned, Presque Isle State Park – Nature, Fun, and Tiring, and Our Last Two Full Days in the Erie Area.

Travel Day 5 was on the 15th; we moved from Pennsylvania to New York.

NY sign

Our one night camp site for the 15th was at the AA Royal Motel and Campground located between Niagara and Buffalo. We didn’t do much more than sleep in the campground, but we changed our plans from a Harvest Hosts spot for the night to a campground, so we knew Chewie would be comfortable while Jim and I were out gallivanting around.

Up in the Niagara area, we had to deal with traffic like this, but we still had a fantastic experience there and later a nice meal in Buffalo at Anchor Bar. You can read about both of these adventures HERE. (BTW, his pictures on that post are amazing!)

Niagara traffic

Travel Day 6 on the 16th, which was yesterday, got us to the St. Lawrence River in northeastern New York.

First night sunset over Stl Lawrence River

First night sunset over St. Lawrence River

Our site is in Merry Knoll Campground, and we will be here until the 22nd having some amazing adventures, but we don’t even know what they will be yet, so check back!

Partial list of potential things to do while here

Partial list of potential things to do while here

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