Presque Isle State Park – Nature, Fun, Tiring

July 12, 2016 (by Jimmy)

There is a wonderful little peninsula on Erie Lake called the Presque Isle State Park. During the summer there are many, many activities that are available in this beautiful park.


Miles of Hiking and Biking Trails




Kayaking and Boating

The park is not only the home of six distinct ecological zones and hundreds of species of birds and other creatures, but it adds a gorgeous foundation to the activities that are available there. Angela and I saw several cranes, ducks, and other birds, even chip monks, during our visit.

The first day we were there (7/11), we stopped and did some walking on a few of the trails.


Nice Shady Trails


This sucks;, mom keeps a short leash.

We then drove around the Island, finding places we wanted to visit. We stopped to ask about the price of a boat tour on Lake Erie around the park. We later stopped at a beach for Chewie (he loves beaches).


Chewie on the Beach

We then visited a light house. Angela wanted to see the light house so I waited with Chewie and he got a little shore time.


Presque Isle Lighthouse


View from the Top


Chewie checking out Lake Erie

Once we finished here we made one last stop to see how much it would cost to ride the Surrey Bicycles. Angela and I decided that we would like to do that the next day (7/12) while Chewie stayed at the RV and relaxed.


Angela Ready to Ride


Angela and I on the Trail

We rented the Surrey Bike and peddled it four miles. I felt like I was in a Fred Flintstone’s car. It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work. Having Angela next to me was cool; we got to talk and laugh. The funniest thing was that my steering wheel was the only one that worked, and Angela kept trying to steer from her side. I just snickered until she realized she wasn’t moving anything. We finally got off the bike and were heading to the truck. Angela said, “Are you ready to turn on the air conditioner?” I said, “We have to make it to the truck first.” My legs hurt so much I could hardly walk. It was fun and laughing with Angela was the best.

There is an amusement park at the entrance to the park. They actually have a roller coaster that zooms over the road, but we didn’t go there, so there are no pictures. There are also no pictures of any boat ride, which was available, but we were unable to get our schedule and theirs to co-inside. Suffice it to say, there were more opportunities for activities than we had time or energy to participate. The best thing is that we got to experience it together and made some great memories. Presque Isle State Park – an excellent stop when you are in the Erie, PA area.

Until later… Later…

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