Last Two Full Days in the Erie Area

July 14, 2016 (by Angela)

WOW! I can’t believe there is only half of our month-long vacation left. Where has the time gone? When we roll out of PA headed for NY tomorrow, we are at the half way mark. However, we’ve still had fun during our last two days in the Erie area.

Yesterday, Jim and I agreed to have a “down” day to take care of some “life” and “business” things and to get some rest. Going and doing tons of things while on vacation is fun, but one will run out of energy fast if there is not some real R & R. He and I took our time getting going Wednesday, watching some TV, playing on the computer, etc.  After showering and dressing, I cleaned the bathroom. Then we got the trash ready to take out and the dirty laundry gathered together; both of these loaded in the truck, we made our way to the front entrance area where we dropped the trash into the receptacle and then unloaded our dirty clothes into the on-site laundry. While the clothes washed and dried, he and I played cards. Those chores done, we grabbed a burger and fries at a nearby fast food place before heading back to the camper. We rested in our own ways (Jim napped) during the afternoon. Once the sun was down below the trees, Jim took Chewie out to take care of his “business” and to brush him while I vacuumed and swept the camper. A bit later, we had a simple supper of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, after which I did the dishes. It was nice to get a few housekeeping chores done while also relaxing and having some fun together.

Today, after breakfast, we went into Erie to visit a chocolatier, Romolo, recommended to us by one of my former students; it was a great suggestion! The chocolate truly melts in your mouth! My only regret is that I did not pick out as much chocolate (by weight) as Jim did. (Honestly, I thought I’d talk him into visiting another chocolate store I’d found, but….uh….nope.)

Front entrance

Front entrance

This chocolate covered "bassberry" greated us.

This chocolate covered “bassberry” greated us.

They're making the awesome candy.

They’re making the awesome candy.

Look at all of the chocolate!

Look at all of the chocolate!

Theres a chocolate cafe, too.

There’s a chocolate cafe, too.

After that, Jim and I figured we’d better have lunch before we were tempted to eat all of the chocolate we had purchased at once. A quick “restaurants near me” gave us some close, local options, and the cashier at the chocolate store helped us decide where to go based on her experiences. Within a few minutes, we were at the Pineapple Eddie Southern Bistro. Jim and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, so if you find yourself in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, it is worth the stop for sure!

The local restaurant

The local restaurant

The yummy food we had

The yummy food we had

We were going to visit the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm, but Maps took us the wrong way, and since it was my idea, I decided it was not worth the miles to go back and try it again. If you happen to be this way, it may be worth a stop, but hours are very limited during the week.  Before heading out this morning, Jim called the local theater, Erie Playhouse, and reserved us tickets for tonight’s performance of One Slight Hitch, which is supposed to be a comedy. Tonight is “date night” with dinner and a play. ( I’ll come back here later to up date you on how the play was.)

Credit: Erie Playhouse

Credit: Erie Playhouse

The play will be the wrap on things here as we hope to be on the road to New York by 9:00 a.m., if not earlier, tomorrow. Once home tonight and early in the morning, we’ll stow things away, latch things down, pull slides in, and hitch up the truck in preparation of that early start. Since it is not far to the state line, the next post from us will be from New York.

Bye, PA – see ya’ later!

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