Rib, White, and Blue – Akron, OH July 4

July 4, 2016 (by Jimmy) – We got up on the Fourth of July (our first full day in Wooster, OH) with no plans for how to spend our Independence Day. Of course, the Internet is the best place to find things to do in the area. So we found a couple of parades, a car show, and number of community gatherings around the area. The car show sounded fun, but the rest sounded like they would be nice for folks who live here, but visitors would have difficulty blending. Then we read about the Rib, White, and Blue Festival in Akron. A number of Barbecue Teams were set-up to compete for the best ribs. There were activities for the kids and a band that was to play John Philip Sousa tunes. Now that is our kind of July 4th party. We got ready and headed to Akron (about half an hour from the RV Park). It took us forever to find a parking spot, but we finally did and headed to the festival. It was lunchtime, but not many people were there. It allowed us to check out all the barbecue places and figure out which we wanted to try.


Fine Smoke, Bad Azz BBQ, and Porky Chicks BBQ


Eat Meat Repeat


Rib King, Texas Pit, Pigtails BBQ

Angela and I walked up and down the two block area trying to decide from which BBQ stand we wanted to buy our lunch. Angela chose one that had Jack Daniels BBQ because she wanted a boneless sandwich. I got a half rack at the Pigtail because they had the most current win streak. We also went to the same fresh squeezed lemonade stand, and I got a roasted corn on the cob. All was delicious.

Angela’s boneless sandwich and fixings

20160704_120923_resized - Copy

My ribs and roasted corn

After finishing, we decided to walk around, and we found that the stage for the band and a lot of the other fun things to do were just being set-up. We determined that they were setting up for a big crowd for the evening. But it was hot, and we hadn’t planned to stay for the fireworks show or the evening festivities, so we walked down to the area where the band would be and found the cutest little water tributary and some nice wall paintings.


We think this water is an off shoot of the Erie Canal (now know it was Ohio & Erie Canal)


Wall Painting

After that we left, but I did have to have a little fun


Jimmy on the Saxophone


New Super Hero – Bad Azz Snoutman

It was a fun and delicious 4th of July.  We watched some fireworks from our camper later in the evening.

Until Later, Later…


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