Command Center

June 17, 2016 (By Jimmy) – Finally, I can write again. I have just had the roughest three weeks of my entire work project. Now this is not to say that it was a difficult Go-Live or any more or less stressful than any other project in which I have been involved. Quite the contrary – this was one of the smoothest (and I’ve been on 13). However, anytime you turn on a new system, there will be issues, and Magnolia was no exception.

There are three main things that can go wrong when you turn on a system. First, there was something that you didn’t set-up correctly. Second, there was something that you didn’t test, and third there was someone who wasn’t trained properly. To monitor the issues and to ensure they are dealt with properly, a Command Center is set-up. A call number is distributed, and everyone knows that if you have an issue with the system ,you dial a certain number and you will get help. Since a hospital never closes, we have to man the Command Center 24/7 until such time as the volume of calls drops to a level manageable by the IT staff. Our Command Center was open for 17 days.

We had a staff schedule to answer the phones. You worked either 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM (the day shift) or 6:00 PM to 6:30 AM (The night shift). The extra half hour was to get the next team up on what issues were being logged and what to expect during the next shift. Of the 17 days that the Command Center was open, I worked the phones 9 days.

This is my typical morning. I would get up at 4:30, shower, and get dressed.


Angela at 5:00 AM


Green Acres RV Park 5:15 AM

I would then drive in to work. This was the highlight of my day; it was absolutely beautiful.


Misty fog not yet burned off by the sun


Northern MS 5:45 AM

Once at work, I would be briefed from the evening shift on issues that had come up and would start answering the phones. No pictures here; I’d much prefer to remember the drive in.

When I was not on the phones I would be working with the Supply and Financial teams to make sure our issues were being resolved. It has been pretty much petal to the metal for the last three weeks.

Now that the command center has slowed up and is being shut down, there will still be some issues to resolve, but I can turn to the end of the engagement (EOE). The EOE focuses on wrapping up loose ends and providing next steps to those who will remain as I leave to go to my next project.

At this time, I have no designated next project, but I have a number of potential prospects, anyone of which would keep me working for months, if not a year or more. Regardless of my next project, I can now focus on Angela and me travelling to Vermont for the Escapade. It is very real now. A week ago, all my focus was on issues and phone calls. Now I can focus on finishing up the project and getting on the road again. How cool!

Until later… Later.

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