And the Craziness Begins!

June 1, 2016 (by Angela)

Yes, this is Angela. As of Monday night, May 30, 2016, the creature known as Jimmy Johnson became very elusive and unpredictable as last minute preparations were being made for the culmination of 14 months of work. Today, his project at the hospital in Corinth, Mississippi, GOES LIVE! Many consultants, my husband included, are working in shifts around the clock, 24/7, for the next two weeks to ensure everyone is comfortable with using the new system and that any issues are resolved quickly. Jim has been working for the hospital as a contract consultant for Santa Rosa doing a full upgrade from an older Meditech (20 years older, I think) version to the newest and latest 6.1 Ready. Starting today, all of that work is to pay off, but as with anything new, there are nerves a’plenty to go around at the hospital, and Jim and others are there to help.

Until the middle of June, this will be his life. He will continue there until the end of the month, but the stress and hours will be far different from this week and next.

Meanwhile, back at the camper, I’m busily attempting to get all of our arrangements made for moving away from the campground in which our home has set since the first weekend of April last year. On July 1st, all going as planned, we will hitch the trailer to the truck and head north for a month of vacation time. (Since it is a vacation trip and not a relocation trip (at least as far as we know now), we’ll park our car in my Dad’s backyard. Jim and I will be able to travel together in the truck for just the second time since we began this adventure.)

The 5th Wheel has been inspected and serviced (though there are two or three small things to address before moving it), and both the truck and car have been serviced. Since we had the hit and run incident a couple of weeks ago (right after it was serviced) while the truck was in the parking lot where Jim works, we have scheduled a time to get it to the body shop for repairs and to pick up a rental for that week. The last major thing is new tires for the trailer, and currently, we’re attempting to finalize our decision about which trailer tires  to purchase and who it is we want to have mount them for us.

trailer tire

Oh, my! Which tire to buy without getting a China bomb?

Beyond the maintenance issues, I’m busy emptying cabinets of food stuffs; I don’t want a bunch of weight from cans and cartons and boxes while moving. All cabinets, drawers, and the underneath will be checked again to purge of unnecessary items. There are things we can put into the trunk of the car that we won’t need to take with us for July (like our winter clothes stored in suitcases below) to eliminate weight. Our guns and ammo will be stored in a safe spot with Dad, too, since we’ll be in some of the very unfriendly gun states and might even pop over into Canada. Finally, the bike rack will be put onto the car, and our bikes will be stowed, locked, and covered to wait for us too.

Also, before trekking north, all medical appointments, prescription refills, etc. will need to be covered, bills for the first part of the month paid (so we don’t have to think about that as we begin our journey), and last minute purchases of items we want to have with us made. Jim already has our RV specific GPS in the truck, and I need to register and secure the EZPass in there as well, so we don’t have to worry about having enough cash for any toll roads on which we may find ourselves while in the northeast. A tire monitoring system has yet to be ordered.

Garmin GPS

The Garmin GPS  – RV Specific

Beyond all of this, there are many birthdays and anniversaries upcoming in June and early July; Father’s Day is in the middle of June. Cards and gifts need to be secured and mailed or delivered for these special occasions. Most importantly, our 9th grandchild is due any time during this month!

Finally, in the last week of June, there needs to be time to clean the camper inside and out, lubricate gears, hitches, etc., and have Sydney (the camper) ready to join with Gulliver (the truck), so the two, known together as SyGul, are ready for us to board and move on out on a month-long vacation travel adventure.

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