Our Top Chow Spots – Part 2: Corinth, MS

May 20, 2016 (by Angela)

Jimmy should probably be the one writing this post, but it is done in consultation with the Corinth, Mississippi, “eating-out expert.” After over a year of weekly dinners out with fellow consultants, I feel confident that he is qualified to identify the better eating spots. I’ve been able to join the consultant crew at several of these places myself.

Vicari Italian Grill – Located in downtown Corinth, this is a classy joint with an actual chef. While the consultants go for dinner, Jim and I have enjoyed their lovely lunch menu options on several occasions. Prices are within a reasonable range, and good wine selections are available (as we know of others who have ordered this.)

The consultant crew at Vicari (Jim's in pink)

The consultant crew at Vicari (Jim’s in pink)

Pizza Grocery – Located about 3 blocks from Vicari, this eatery offers a wide selection. Pizzas and calzones can be made to suit almost anyone. Jim describes the atmosphere as “homey,” and he says it is one of the best pizza places to which he has been (and not just in Mississippi).

Here t.hey are at Pizza Grocery

Here they are at Pizza Grocery

Russell’s Beef House – This is Jimmy’s pick for the best place for a steak in Corinth. It is located on Highway 72. Though the interior is on the small side, especially for groups, the staff will make accommodations, and their steaks are worth it.

Some hitting the salad bar shown partially on left) at Russell's Beef House

Hitting the salad bar (on left) at Russell’s Beef House

Crossroads Rib Shack – Located on Highway 72 behind Pizza Hut, they serve “finger licking good” ribs, and the BBQ is really good. The only down side is the brisket is a little on the fatty side.

Lots of napkins for consultants at the Rib Shack

Lots of napkins for consultants at the Rib Shack

Abe’s Grill – A local lunch favorite (not open for dinner), this is Jim’s pick for a hamburger. If you want your vitamin “G” (grease), go here. The taste of the food, the price, the atmosphere, and the speed of service makes it the place to go for a quick lunch if you don’t mind the grease.

Outside of Abe's so you can recognize it

Outside of Abe’s so you can recognize it

Mi Toro – This is the consultants favorite birthday celebrating spot, as long as you’re not the birthday girl or boy. (The birthday person gets a sombrero and a pie in face.) This aside, they have a great selection of Mexican food, and the food is wonderful. The downside is slow service in the evening at least.

Consultant Amy was the birthday girl that night.

Consultant Amy was the birthday girl that night.

From our viewpoint, the overall best restaurant choice in Corinth is Vicari “by far,” quoting Jim, for atmosphere, food quality, and selection, etc.



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